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South Indian temples

7:00 AM

India is too often associated with Mughal architecture, of which the Taj Mahal is the most famous representative. What people might not know is that not all of India was part of the Mughal Empire and the South's predominant architecture is the Dravidian Architecture. An architecture style mainly known for its distinctive temples :

A typical example or South Indian/ Dravidian temple architecture.

This particular one might not be the biggest, most ornate or most ancient but this should give you an idea. That small temple is part of Mysore's palace complex. And true to the architectural style, it has a intricately carved pyramidal roofed gate, which is called a Gopuram. Gopurams can be quite high, some are painted in bright colours. The carving depict deities and mythological elements. Modern temples all over South India still follow this architectural style today.

I don't think you can say you visited India if you haven't made at least a tiny jump in the Southern States. To read more about the architecture in question, I'll refer you to the Wikipedia article.

See you next week for another snapshot of India.


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