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A New Name

2:47 PM

If you are a returning reader, you might be wondering what is going on. Not only did I change the look of the blog, I also changed the name.

This has been something that has been on my mind for months. I was toying with the idea of ending this blog and starting a new one, changing the layout but retaining the name, changing the name...The reason behind all this is that I have been keeping this blog for nearly 10 years now (I started in 2004). Back then, I only started this blog because a friend of mine said I should write about what she considered an adventure. And, because I suck at titles, I just decided to name the blog "Cyn's Adventure in India". Back then, it rang true, I was new to India, I was adjusting to all kind of things, I was moving around a lot; and if you read the old entries, the blog was all about that...then. A decade in India has changed me, and living in India just became life. There is only that much you can write about taking in the exotic factor into consideration. There is a point where the way I wrote was less about my struggle to adjust, but about what is now life. As I settled into my new life, the blog started featuring a more eclectic mix of entries, recipes, craft project, mundane daily life, pictures, and rambling. So much so that the title ended up not really matching the content of the blog itself.

The blog has taken me to a place I would never have imagined being in, what was originally an outlet for my adjustment to India, became a hobby, and something I simply can't stop doing. I love to write, and often I wondered if whatever crossed my mind would be "Cyn Adventure worthy". This is why I needed that change of name. I have been plying with names and titles for a while, and today I just got it : Home Cyn Home.

Home Cyn Home as a play on Home Sweet Home. For a blog that features more and more recipes, art projects, decorating tips and daily life snippets, that just seemed fitting. Plus I'll always be Cyn. this is the part of the old title that had to remain.

I am still working on the tiny details, but the URL remains the same, the Facebook page has the same URL, the old content is still the same. At this point the little changes that could occur over the next few days are likely to be just cosmetic ones...bear with me.


  1. Beatrix7:31 PM

    That is a great photo of you!

  2. Thanks :-)
    I was looking for usable pictures today, and none came close to what I wanted, so I ended up taking a selfie with my iPad and edited it in a photo editor app, before sending it to my laptop to turn it into a banner.

  3. I'm looking forward to the changes. I've been here a few times before, but it's time I come and really dive in to your story. I'm lucky to come at a time where changes are being implemented.
    Take care. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been in India so long that the things I write about have really really changed an a lot. Plus I am not really sure the Adventure in India title was completely right ever.


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