India in pictures

Along NH4

9:15 AM

taking a break between Mumbai and Bangalore, in the middle of nowhere.

In February 2010 we were moving out of our hole in Navi Mumbai, back to Bangalore, and because the company was not paying for that relocation, we avoided extra charges such as getting the dog on a plane. Instead we took two days to drive from Navi Mumbai to Bangalore taking the NH4 (National Highway 4). In February, the greenery the monsoon brings to the hills is pretty much gone and replaces by a semi desertic landscape. By the time you start seeing palm trees plantation you know you have officially made it to the Southern part of the country. This picture was taken on day 2 in what could be the middle of nowhere. The dog needed a walk, Ishita was getting fussy and hungry, and we spotted on of the rare dhabba along that road (surprisingly there aren't many along that road). We first got the dog for a walk enjoying the leg stretching ourselves before eating. Once all our human and canine needs were satisfied. With a dog and a 18 month old child, we took two days to cover the distance.


  1. apple3:25 PM

    Nice makeover. I was not able to open the blog. You look like a 60s hippy girl with your hair falling all over LOL. Don't worry your Indian adventures have not ended because each day in India is an adventure in iteself.

  2. Thank you :-) Yes I think it is still an adventure, but I think would associate that with something more exotic and expect some typical Indian stereotype thing to figure on my blog. So the new name fits better


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