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These days I am on a mission to make our study room look more like a study, and less like a dump. As a result I might have a lot of study room decorating posts coming real soon (bear with me). And today I decided to make the desktop area look a bit better. DH uses the desk when he is home in the evening. I use it to blog and write when Ishita is at school. Needless to say, we spend enough time in this room to finally do something about it. One thing that has always been a problem, is the lack of pens, and office supplies in there. Ishita has been raiding the drawers for knick knacks for as long as she figured how to open then...which at this point feels like forever. And because of it, one sentence that has been going around a lot in our home is "Honey, where is my pen?"

NO MORE, I don't care how much Ishita likes to snag them, the pens are going to stay in full view; where we need them. This could actually be a good time to stop just having 2-3 pens around too while we are at it. Because this morning I put an end to my ritual of picking up the colour pens and the only 2 black pens I had from the cupboard in the living room to the desk in the study. All I needed was some cheerful pencil holders that didn't cost me a fortune.

All you need for this DIY project is some washi tape and clean glass jars.

Simple empty glass jars (and a small tuna tin), decorated with fancy masking tape. Well apparently that kind of tape is known as Washi tape, but until yesterday I had no freaking idea what Washi tape was, you see for the longest time I knew that paper tape is just named masking tape, and that craft supplies store the world over stocked it in fancy patterns. Washi however seem more fashionable, IN, exotic looking! and apparently the true Washi tape is indeed Japanese and made of paper. Not to mention that according to Google fetch a handsome price, courtesy of the fashion fad that they are. These tape above are paper, made in China, probably not true Washi, but seriously who cares? They cost me 80 rupees a roll of 10 meters of tape, and do the trick just fine.

In India you will often find them under the name decorative masking tape or paper tape.

Call them what you want really, in the end they are just rolls of decorative masking tape that you can use on anything. And, if you landed on this page after googling "Where can I find Washi tape in Mumbai". Then let me tell you, you will probably find them in all good stationary shops that has craft and scrap booking supplies in town. Just ask for printed tape and you should get it. But, back to my little craft project shall we?

All you need is a couple of clean old jars, and if you are like me, you have a few lying around just in case. If not, well head to the grocery store and buy something you are sure to finish in one sitting or two. Or host an impromptu jam breakfast party and you should have them in no time. You can also use old tin cans, works the same, and will probably empty even faster, that can of tuna made two sandwiches for one meal...get the idea? Once you have your jars/tins and your tape, it is a 5 minutes project. Just carefully tape the tape around in whatever color combinations you want, and voila!

Now that my office supplies are better organised, I am off to tackle bigger stuff.

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