Leftover chapati

11:46 AM

On rare occasions, we end up having leftover chapati that aren't quite as good to eat the traditional way with dal and sabzi, but are still good enough to repurpose before they turn stale. Typically they are the nearly day old chapati that feel a bit mushy, and start having a not so fresh smell (without being rotten). When such a thing happen, one of the easiest option is to put them back on the tava and rub a little oil on them to turn them into a paratha. But that is far from being the only thing you can do with these if you are against food wastage (and I am).

Don't throw those day old chapati, grill them on the tawa for a quick snack.

I have repurposed them as super tin crust pizza base, on which I spread a little tomato purée, a few veggies and a little cheese and heat in my pizza pan. I have turned them into quesadillas placing them on the tava and sprinkling cheese, and whatever vegetables, and meat I have in the fridge before folding them in half. I have made cheese pockets, cutting them in half, spreading cheese spread inside and grilling on the tava. And there is the quick fix shown in the picture above : chapati crackers (for lack of better name).

All you need to do is heat your tava, and put the chapati on it and flip often for it not to get burned but still grill to the point it becomes crunchy. Then cut into triangles and serve with cheese, spread, salsa source cream, raita, or in fact pretty much your choice of dip. I was having them for breakfast here, so it was just cheese spread and plums that went with it. And since chapati are made with whole wheat flour, it is a healthy thing to munch on.

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  1. We mostly do quesadillas with our chapatis, or a few of the dogs outside enjoy them.

    1. My dog would eat anything, but her weight already proves that :-)

  2. Great ideas!
    My inlaws usually give my pug the left overs (he is getting fat, I have told them). Will have to try the pizza and quesadillas idea :D


    1. Yeah dogs can get fat very quickly eating table scraps on top of their meals. I have to stop my maid from throwing leftover chapati to the dog a lot, she doesn't seem to grasp that just because they aren't fresh enough to eat the conventional way doesn't mean they are not edible for humans anymore.


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