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Old meets new

7:26 AM

This week, here is a picture closer to home. This is the Bandra Worli Sealink viewed from the old Bandra fort in Mumbai.

The fort, or what is left of it, which isn't much is a relic from the time the Mumbai Islands (yes there were 7 Island before the British started reclaiming land and form one giant one) belonged to the Portuguese. The fort has a distinct Portuguese architecture you will find all over Goa. Today the fort and the Bandstand promenade that goes from it to a posh residential area (A few Bollywood stars live there) is a favourite spot for Mumbaikars to watch the Sunset over the Arabian Sea.

The Bandra-Worli Sea link is part of a bigger project that is yet to be completed...or even started that should link the Western suburbs to Nariman Point in South Mumbai. This bridge pretty much mark the limit between the suburbs and South Mumbai. Auto rickshaws are allowed to ply in the suburbs but not in Mumbai city where you rely on black and yellow cabs to get you around. The Autos can ply until the Sealink and not beyond on the Bandra side. This bridge was meant to cut the travel time of commuters, and to some extent it does. Going through Mahim at peak hour is a drag, but then the traffic has increased so much over the year that you are likely to be stuck in a giant traffic jam in the suburbs after having gotten off the Sealink anyway.

That picture and that place always amaze me because of the stark contrast between two engineering marvels of their respective time.


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