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On the fast lane again

1:32 PM

I haven't really had the time to truly appreciate the fact that Ishita was finally back to school after a Summer break that started early and went into an additional extra time in June. Nope, instead I was planning her birthday party which we had to move from the 5th to the 3rd because of DH's work obligations. Work obligations, which I might add are not only leaving me on a solo parenting stint again, but also had me spent this Sunday of all Sundays alone.

You see, Ishita surprised us by entering this world 5 years ago on our Wedding anniversary date, a memorable double celebration, which we funnily haven't really celebrated in full so far. The year Ishita turned one, we were barely out of the boxes in our Navi Mumbai flat after a big move from Bangalore, still have no cooking gas, no knowledge of where to buy what, so we spent that day eating a pizza and a hastily bought Black Forest cake. The year after that, I threw a party earlier, because DH was starting a new job that demanded we moved back to Mumbai. So on July 6th 2011, Ishita celebrated going to the local mall, ate Mc D and bought a DVD to watch together. In 2012, my in-laws brought up the fact we were still to throw a massive birthday bash for the extended family. Most of which didn't even know we had had a baby, or if it was a boy or a girl, leave alone the fact she was 3. In 2013, we did celebrate her kiddie party on the 5th, and were just happy to finally stay home on the 6th without any tension, pending move, or anything. We happily ate leftover cake, and ordered take out. That one time might actually be the only time we did celebrate the occasion on our exclusive terms.

This year, well it was just me and Ishita again. She received some vouchers for Westside at her party earlier in the week, and she was set on spending them on a new dress. So, off to the mall we went. After finding her perfect new dress, the birthday girl asked for a Mc D and after it was done with the whole concept of being out. I dragged her through a few more shops, having a few things to check of my own. But the crowd, the noise and the pushy sales person ended up taking the toll out of me quickly...Sundays in any shopping malls is sheer insanity, even when you hit them early in the day. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around at home and I hit the sack early myself. having gone through the usual night of broken sleep I go through on the first night of one of DH's trips. I didn't even have the energy to do my India in picture Sunday blog post. I was beat, boy I ain't 20 no more!

And now we are at the start of another week, that will gently lead us to almost mid-July while my mind is stuck to June end. This morning was kept busy with homeworks, delightlyful rain induced gloominess, breakfast, to-do lists and waiting for the school bus, with a dog on leash which I forgot to walk until 11am. Just before typing this I realised Ishita has to bring a A4 picture of kids from abroad for a school project, at which point I realised we only had bond paper left, which I used in the printer. Midway through printing a picture of Swiss Kids skiing, my printer started getting the colours all funky ( ran out of Cyan) and I figured out that the school will have to make do with only half a picture printed properly. Ordered a new set of cartridge of Flipkart right away to be ready for the next assignment, just in case.

Wednesday will see me hosting a playdate after school, for which i am fortunately ready enough because it had been planned weeks in advance. I just received a text from my kitty party group announcing that Thursday will be our next event at a friend place. That one had me a bit stressed out. I never really liked people sending that kind of save the date so last minute, but this is something most of my Indian friends have no problem with. Fortunately I have nothing planned that day, other than DH coming home during the course of the morning from his business trip that is. Then before you know it the weekend will be upon us, with its usual lot of grocery shopping, and usual errands, which this time include going back to the school uniform store to check if they got t-shirts in Ishi's size. And before you know it mid July will be right in our face.

I am grateful for the fact I decided to out Ishita on the school bus this year, right now, the fact I don't have to go back and forth twice a day to drop her and pick her up makes all the difference between sanity and burnout. I am also grateful to the fact I am no stranger to solo parenting, with years of experience under my belt. Because even if I don't necessarily handle it with Grace and Poise, I still have my routine sorted out. The fridge is full of food I can turn into quick, healthy, easy meals. I have well organized check lists, to do lists and planning on hand, and bless it be I live in a city that is safe for women to go about their own life alone, not all place in India would afford one that privilege.



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