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8:47 AM

I changed the name of my blog, and updated my RSS feed address as well. As a result, you probably aren't getting the new feeds in your Feed Reader of choice. Worry not, all you need to do is to re-add the blog to your reader of choice. I had to do this in Blogsy yesterday to test it, and it worked fine.

There are also other ways to connect with me and make sure you never miss an update:

I am on Twitter : @HomeCynHome

I have a Facebook page, that is by far the most updated of all with status updates, extra pictures and links :

I am on Google+ and I just got an easier custom URL so you can find me more easily :

And of course, there is the feedburner RSS address that changed :

To make it simpler, you can click all the litte icons in the right column to take you to the right place, I tested them all, they work fine. With this final update, I hopefully have ironed all the wrinkles that come with a name and layout change. If you have any technical issues, feel free to let me know in the comments.


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