The feline factor

12:29 PM

Cats know how to relax, and owningone could lower your stress levels too.

This is the first time I am on solo parenting duty with Mittens as part of the gang. But her being a cat, it doesn't add too much stress to my routine. The opposite might even be true, she has a soothing effect on me, like most cats do. I am probably more of a cat person than a dog one. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, I really love having Jasmine around too and she has been a source of comfort many time. But a dog is a high maintenance pet, one that is dependant on his owner.

Household cats only really need humans for food and water, and even then, would not hesitate to abandon ship if they don't get what they want. They are independant, and act like you owe them respect...which of course shall be due to all pets. You won't get a cat to do tricks if they don't feel like it, they won't come on your lap, just because you want them to. And, my guess is that I click with them more because they are not intruding on my introvert personality. In many ways, cats and I are on equal ground for many things. I grew up with cats, and so far all the ones I came accross as my own pets or the pets of friends all had that same quality. They don't expect much from humans. For someone like me, who has been manning the ship alone countless times over the years, with live beings around me having high expectations of me, the fact that our latest addition is pretty much only demanding that her food bowl be filled once a day, and her beauty nap time respected is refreshing.

She will on occasion curl up on my laps in the evening, or sleep behind my head while I am on the sofa. She sometimes feel the need to check on all of us at night, made it a habit to join me in the bathroom in the morning, and tolerates Ishita playing rough with her. By the time Ishita is on the school bus, she comes to wherever I decided to work from on my iPad, asking for a cuddle or two before lying down on a chair nearby, or as it is the case today, a pile of newspapers right next to the desk in our study, content that both her two leg and her dog (cats own their house and everything in it) are where they are supposed to be.

One pat, or cuddle with her is enough to melt my stress and tensions away. Which is a fact that seem to have been the object of many scientific researches that have countless time proven that pets relieve stress in humans. And owning a cat might even decrease one's chance of dying of a cardiovascular disease. Don't believe me? Read the article here. And it seems the benefit of owning a cat doesn't stop at just reducing cardiovascular problems, they boost the immune system, help treat depression as well. With Mumbai being a super fast paced city that is, with little green space left and people left running for time, owning an undemanding soothing feline might actually be just what the doctor ordered.

Just as I finish typing these words, Mittens decided to move from her newspaper bed to wedge herself between my butt and the back of the desk chair, purring away...

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  1. apple2:33 PM

    Many happy returns of the day and happy anniversary.

  2. Susan9:51 PM

    Gorgeous kitty! I love calicos. She definitely looks like a handful, but I also prefer cats over dogs because they are more independent and self-reliant. I wish I could have a cat, but my husband and older son are allergic. How does she get along eith your dog?

  3. She is getting along fine with the dog, these days she is constantly sniffing and pawing the dog the instant said do is asleep, she loves playing with jasmine's tail as know just because chasing your own tail is only half the fun :-) today I caught her twice trying to bite the dogs claws and liking the paw pads, she must be digging that corn chips smell dogs have on their feet :-)

  4. Beatrix2:09 PM

    Awwww...she is adorable!
    We have 3 cats.
    Getting kitty litter is a bit of a problem here in Nepal, we have to order it 6 months in advance & it costs 1,000INR a bag. Is it had to get pet supplies in Mumbai?

  5. It isn't that hard to find stuff for cats in Mumbai, I pay about 350 rupees of a bag of 5g of litter, I had to got a generic plastic tray from another store though. The pet store didn't have the cat tray. mittens is a digger, and she put sands everywhere, a higher rimmed one or one with a roof would be a nice idea if I ever come accross one around here.

  6. We actually are using a deep regular mop bucket. We had a shallow one and it was much too dirty.

  7. You mean the round bucket? My cat is a big weirdo, she needs to have tons of space in her tray because she turns around a couple of time before deciding to pee or poo.


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