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Coconut Attack

8:30 AM

a coconut broke a car windshield

Another week, another picture of India. This week, again, I will share something else than just a other landscape. Coconut trees usually spell tropical vacations and relaxation to many of my friends and family in colder climate where the only thing that will fall from trees are pine cones, acorns or chest nuts.
What they don't know is that coconut trees can pose a real hazard. Above, is the picture of our car and its broken windshield.
In our apartment building, our allocated parking spot is near a coconut tree. We never had a problem before, and to be fair the car is not directly sitting under the tree. The society management hired guys before the monsoon to trim all the trees and remove the big coconuts to prevent such accidents during the monsoon. Sadly, they forgot to trim that tree and all it took was a strong wind last weekend to dislodge one single coconut and send it flying on our car...smash!
Fortunately, it was our car and not someone's head that took the blow. A car can be fixed, it is inconvenient, and a bit costly, but our car insurance took care of most of the cost and a week later our car is as good as new. If that bad boy fell on someone's head...well I think it would be safe to say that this someone would no longer be part of this world.

These trees need a lot of maintenance, and regular trimming because even if a palm leaf falls it could hurt someone. I have seen branches fall right behind me or in front of me a couple of time in the park, this is scary enough. It is kind of ironic that the fruit that has so many health benefits be it in flesh or in oil could as easily kill you don't you think?


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Thank god you are safe. In Delhi, trees get uprooted and branches break during dust storms and rain. Delhi has lots and lots of trees, trees and branches occasionally fall on roads creating traffic jams. Due to construction of pavements, tree roots have little breathing space and get uprooted easily during storms.


    1. We get uprooted trees in Mumbai too, there is one in my society. In Bangalore they would fall often and one near our old place ripped the power lines leaving us with no power for 18 hours.


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