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I decided to do a little Google reverse image search on my blog this morning. I do things like that from time to time, if I am not googling my blog URL, or running a image search directly on Goolge. And I occasionally find little surprises. Namely my pictures ending place without me having been informed about it, asked permission, or even getting a link back to my blog. I got a few of these thieves this morning, and reported it.

Let's be clear people. Just because it is on the internet, and because this is a blog does NOT mean it has fallen in the public domain. If you were under that impression, here is one link about copyrights to get you started. I am still writting this blog, it is active, and ALL content on it belongs to me, you can link back to it, you can ask my permission to reproduce pictures and paragraphs, but you CAN'T save picture and use them as your own on another site, or copy my articles and pass them as yours. You may not get caught today, but one day you could end up in big trouble.

Simply put, if you are taking any of my work, words or picture without asking me, and linking back to me you are STEALING. I work hours every week on that blog alone. This is MY WORK. How would you feel if someone took any of your work from you and was getting profit from it instead of you? My point exactly.

So let's be clear once and for all, everything on this blog, past, present and future IS copyrighted. There is nothing that falls in the public domain from it. You like what I write and what I show, you leave me a comment asking me if you can borrow it. be it on this blog, on Google + or Facebook. Because I made it clear I have presence on all these platforms. You can reach these with the buttons on the right column. The Facebook page even has my email address should you prefer contacting me privately. There is no excuse for you snagging my content shamelessly the way some do.

And rest assured that in all the cases I have been asked nicely about borrowing, I said yes. Unless you are trying to use my content for some questionable adult websites that is.

If you ever thought there was never a copyright on my blog, scroll down and you will see there is one. and again remember that displaying a disclaimer of copyrights on an intellectual property is optional since 1989 but that the abcense of one does not mean the content is not copyrighted. All intellectual property are copyrighted by default, unless stated otherwise.

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