Demolding Operation

7:35 PM

The monsoon is gently reaching an end. August is always a much dryer month than July, and by the second half of it, there is more days without even a drizzle than there are with rain. This is usually the signal that one can start going through an in depth cleaning spree and wipe mold off a lot of things.
To be fair, we all do some damage control all monsoon long. It is just that there are things that catch mold, that are just too daunting to clean knowing it will catch mold again in a few days, or weeks.

I personally don't bother cleaning the window frames until I know we are done with the wet days, and I certainly won't wash clothes I rarely wear until there is plenty of sunshine to dry them. A regular batch of laundry can take days to dry during that time of the year, no need to add more to the burden.
And clothes WILL smell musty and mold a little, despite taking measure like this one :

absorbia hanger pouch at work in the wardrobe

Measure which consist of using dehumidifying packs in every wardrobes. They help tremendously, but the humidity is just plain insane in Mumbai during the monsoon.

So, every year, we engage ourselves into what would probably be called Spring Cleaning in Europe. Take out everything out of cabinets and wipe away the fungus. Do loads of laundry to wash the Winterwear we get to only really wear a couple of days during the cold season in this city. We rub every surface clean, let small madly trinkets soak up the sun, and wash the windows clean.
It usually takes days to get all of this done, so we usually start by doing one small bit at a time not to feel overwhelmed by the whole process. This is what I attempted to start doing on Monday, thinking one cabinet unit would not take much of my time and would be gratifying. I, of course, didn't factor in the termites that happily claimed the place and my belonging as their own. The job ended up being long and tiring, but fortunately still highly gratifying.

My plan for the weekend is hopefully less ambitious and void of surprises. My mission will be to wash the mold off wooden surfaces. I already started with our Jenga game (yes that catches mold, I bet you had no idea!), and I will move to bigger things like the underneath of our dinning table. The best way to get the mold off and make sure it sanitises and prevent the mold to come back to quickly is to use vinegar. Forget expensive cleaners, just wipe off the mold with a damp cloth, and then use another cloth soaked in vinegar to wipe right after it. Vinegar not only clean and sanitize the moldy area, it also neutralises musty odours instantly.

By the end of that weekend I should have mold free furnitures, doors, door frames and window frames. What are you plans for the weekend?


  1. Oh dear me.
    We have mold on the walls, the carpeting, & even shoes. Even the concrete walkways around our house are slimy with algae. YUK!
    I have found that adding a cup of vinegar & a cup of Lysol in addition to my usual detergent when washing a load of laundry keeps the mildewy, moldy, 'baby spew' smell out of clothes as they take so long to dry.
    I especially like the 'lavender' scented Lysol & use it to mop the floors, clean the carpets and scrub our moldy walls.
    Oh yes, this week spiders of all sorts & sizes have moved into the house to add to our growing menagerie. UGH!!!

    1. Ishita stuck some play dough on the walls sometimes during the Summer, I know I cleaned the walls as well as I could immediately, yet these spots still caught mold during the monsoon!
      I can deal with all kind of creepy craw lies in the house, but spiders freak me out big time, as I am Arachnophobe, over time I learned to stay cool around the small ones but I still have that chill down my spine and pulse racing just thinking about the word spider :-)


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