Inspirational quote for the study

10:38 AM

This powerful quote from the book "The Power" makes for the perfect wall art in a stuy or workplace.

My mission to make our study room more pleasant to the eyes continues. I tackled the wall art over the past few days. First I painted the frame of DH's college class picture green (you can see it in part on the right). Then, I decided to do a little painting myself. I few months back I started reading the book by Rhonda Byrne called "The Power". In it, the law of creation : "Imagine it, Feel it, Recieve it" really made an impression on me. Not because it is new and foreign to me, but because I have been applying this law countless time over the years since my childhood. I ended up knowing it under the technique of "Goal visualisation" when learning about Sophrology. Simply put, that simple little quote is part of my life, and in my case has always worked for me. I achieved great things implementing it.

So much so, that this quote seemed like the perfect one to have in our study. Which after all is a place in which I spend time to be creative, and productive. And, because I, it had to be something crafty, original and homemade. And, for once, I didn't spend months and months working on it. First, because it is not a huge painting, and then because I was very clear about what I wanted it to be. I just took a little time deciding which colour and style I wanted, which for me is a quick decision, considering that all the paintings I painted in the past were long projects that kept me busy for weeks if not months.

Our study room is coming along nicely and we end up spending more and more time in it because of it.

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  1. apple9:13 AM

    I found this beautiful bengali movie by the brilliant director Satyajit Ray. The film is materspiece of acting. It depicts the life of movie star, his fears, apprehensions etc. It has english subtitles. Simple but brilliant movie featuring the bengali superstar of 1970s Uttam Kumar.

    Do tell me how you found the movie.


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