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Last year, I came up with a tool to teach Ishita the days of the week and the notion of time passing which you can see here.
That tool has sailed, and while she still isn't remembering all the days of the week in order, it has helped a lot. The poor thing got so abused and distorted and discoloured I just hat to let it go. Beside, this year she has to learn sight words in school. Words that she needs to be able to read just by looking at them. The list of them is likely to grow as we progress into the academic year, so I decided to find a way to rotate them on my kitchen door. This is what I came up with:

a learning reading aid board for kids

I took a big sheet of craft paper I had left from a previous project, taped little plastic pockets I cut out of page protector sleeves and used pretty masking/Washi tape to make it look good. And, because we aren't yet quite done with the days of the week, I used some duplicate princess stickers from her Princess album to assign one Princess picture to each day of the week. I also added a pocket for the Months and pasted a little square of transparent plastic on which we can write the date with a white board marker.
I wrote the sight words given to us by the school on business card sized paper and keep them in a basket nearby, every other day, I change the sight words by placing a new card in each pocket for Ishita to see and learn.

So far it is working great, and she is learning her sight words quickly enough and can now help me read some of her story books already.

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