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busy schedule in September

I managed to forget how the festive season left me gasping for breath last year, but it is all coming back to me now.
Ganesh Chaturthi fell on a Friday this year, and our school is one of the few that went with the political agenda of adding two more days of vacation to it, probably in fear of consequences (the school has a regional board too). This left is parents with a long Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday to occupy with activities. And, it would have been fine if the monsoon didn't make a comeback after giving us the impression it was tapering away to its end.
The 5 days off, was an nearly endless bout of downpour induced cabin feverpunctuated by regular weekends activities and errands. It saw Ishita bouncing off the walls, me coming down with a stomach bug, and a trip to the mall on the last day...just to be out of the flat.

It would all have been fine if I didn't realise with dread that we are about to do a rinse and repeat this coming weekend. Because you see, these dear politians that were so concerned about the fact kids would not have a chance to fully experience Ganpati without a few extra days off, did forget that the immersion fell on a Monday, and Teachers Day the Froday just before that. Thanks to them, kids had a cool 8 days of holiday during this Ganesh Utsav...out of 10. I am sure people will remember their dedication to religion when the regional election come (wasn't it the plot all along?). Hopefully for them working moms and dual income families will forgive them for just assuming all women are stay at home moms with tons of extra time to spare.
Heck, I am one of these ladies who apparently does nothing of her day and feel blared to no ends when the kids are away 4 hours a day. I don't have to extrapolate on the gender of these very very thoughtful selfless politician ( minority party at that...) I'm sure you guessed right anyway.

But off my soapbox I go. I have two days to catch up on all the things I could not do productively these past five days before I can give productivity the finger again for the coming four. And of course because that already wasn't enough of a challenge, my maid took a holiday today, forcing me to take her load on top of mine. Except I just don't have the energy to do anything. Screw the mess, screw the dishes, I decided to not do anything beyond cleaning the floor. I have 4 hours of peace today, and I am using them wisely. I am taking a breather before the next dive and thank my luck that the rest of September is public holiday free...October is far from being so.

Books, TV and computer games here I come!


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