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7:31 AM

monsoon in goa

I went digging in all my photo albums to bring you this picture. It was taken in 2006, when DH and I headed to Goa with my mom and sister after our own wedding. July 2006 to be exact. This is the low season in Goa at that time of the year, the monsoon usually lashes, the beaches are pretty deserted, the water rough, the sky heavy, the air humid but cool enough.
I rally can't tell you which beach this one was at this point, we visited all the beaches in the Northern part of the State. If you want to experience Goa without all the race party goers, the monsoon is the ideal time to visit. There will be less crowd everywhere, a lot of hotels have special discounts and monsoon packages, the countryside will be lush and green and people far more relaxed, you should all give it a try at least once if you are in India. What's more, if you are a better photographer than I am and have some good equipment you have the potential for absolutely stunning pictures with the light and contrasts the season has to offer.


  1. I've heard the humidity during the monsoon season in Goa is just about unbearable. Not so?

    1. The coastal regions are humid year round, the monsoon usually bring a respite from the heat, as a result the humidity is more bearable during that time of the year. Back then I came from Bangalore, and didn't find it that unbearable. It was overcast most of the time. Now that I live in Mumbai, I am pretty used to that level of humidity, the only somewhat dry months we have are the Winter ones, the humidity dips to 40% from its usual 70-80%

  2. Gorgeous. I love Goa!


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