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If your Facebook feeds look anything like mine, you probably see a lot of family pictures from your loved ones, selfies, restaurant meal food, Huffington Post shares, silly videos, random stupid news you wished you never read (wait no actually they are fun), and countless memes. Memes of all kind: quirky, outrageous, silly, cryptic, plain old dumb and a few inspirational ones, like this one:

This one got me thinking. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, and I am sure I did mention that fact a couple of time on this blog in the past decade (yes the blog is THAT old). But, despite this belief, I do complain, and crib and scream, and get angry, and annoyed, probably like just about any human being on the planet (some are more negative than others, but we all have our bad moments).
I saw this meme as a challenge, could I go 24 hours WITHOUT a single complain? I have been trying for a while now, and let me tell you, it's harder than you think it is.

No complaining is something I equal to not loose my nerves when something go wrong, not just the obvious voicing of disagreement. And it also applies to every single one of my thoughts in a day. At least that is how I interpret it.
That is why I failed the challenge very early on some days. Being woken up at an ungodly hour in the morning after a night that always remain too short and not even having a negative thought about it is hard. It doesn't matter that I kept myself from voicing it, I thought it, and that is therefore a complaint. On other days I did better, but then just tripping and stubbing my toe had me thinking "freaking effing stupid table" and BAM the possibility of 24 hours without a complaint was gone again.
Whether it is possible or not to really truly go 24 hours without complaining is left to debate. I think it is possible, if one is super self disciplined. That said, it doesn't mean that just because it seems so hard to attain, one should not aspire to reach that goal.
It is a great goal, and the less you give in to negativity, the better off your life will be anyway. And one bad moment doesn't negate a hundred good thoughts. I see it more like an empty scale, with one side tallying the positive, and the other the negative. At the end of the day, the amount of positive you have will be what prevent the amount the negative from tipping the scale. I have been practicing the art of counting my blessings for a long time, and whenever I suddenly find myself cribbing about something, I introspect as soon as I am back to my senses.
Yes, I hit my head on an open cupboard, I have a right to be irritated, and calling the door stupid felt warranted in the heat of the moment. But, will that ruin my entire day? No. Is the cabinet door really at fault? Of course not! Will my head hurt? Sure it will, but I am not going to die from it. The world will not end, and I might as well counteract this moment of crap with several awesome little things : a cup of tea, a cookie, a funny joke read somewhere, a moment to list my blessings and loose count of them, a hug and a kiss, a deep breath, a moment of quiet...

Has any of you tried this challenge? How well did you do?


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    About positive thinking, my mind went towards India’s Mars probe. Undoubtedly a great achievement for the nation. Ever since it was send there was debate on whether India has the right to send rockets in space when they do not have toilets. The people of UK were specially miffed that their government gives aid to India and they spent it on rockets. Fair enough, we do need more toilets and lots of them. Then there are people who said there is nothing much for India to search on Mars, other countries have done it already. They should spent money on their own people. It was an avalanche of negativity without any provocation. It seemed that Indians are not supposed to think positive about anything, unless we solve all our problems.

    What was most unfortunate that the hard work of our scientists, the best brains of our country was not even recognized. The euphoria of achieving this feat was drowned in the guilt of not providing enough toilets for everyone. I think, we may think positively but the world at larger won’t let us think positive about anything. There is an abnormal amount of negativity about India, even from those who have never been to the country.


    1. When you get successful at something, the haters point their nasty heads out. The negativity coming from these other countries are nothing but disguised jealousy. India should. Or feel guilty about any of her achievements. These countries criticising the lack of toilet and downplaying the Mars probe project are plain old stupid. As if these nations were even perfect to begin with, nobody is perfect. My guess is they wished they achieved that scientific milestone themselves.

      This is just a bigger but no less idiotic case of trolling from them. The best to do with trolls and negativity, is to ignore, let it glide like a drop of water on a glass pane and move on. Just on this blog, I would have stopped blogging ages ago if I ever let the trolls bring me down...10 years of blogging and I am still there, yet I am sure many would want me to quit just because they don't like me or my writing. Oh well, we can't really please everyone in this world isn't it?

    2. Anonymous5:23 PM

      I found this video explaining about how Mars proble was hurled towards Mars. In lay man's terms, it is similar to tying a rock on a string and rotating it and releasing the sling like a sling shot. The probe went on circling earth for days slowly exploding the rockets and building speed. Then at an opportune time, when the distance between Mars and Earth was the shortest, it was hurled towards Mars. The US Mars probe Marvin had powerful rockets and went straight towards Mars, while we had to use this improvised technology. This is somewhat like this indegenous vehicle build by villagers from Haryana for transport. It a mixture of chariot and automobile. It these people can get proper facilities they can innovate and solve many problems of our country.




  2. Anonymous6:58 AM

    @ cyn

    Happy navratras to u and family. May goddess Durga bless u with strength and prosperity.


    1. Thank you :-) wishing you the same in return :-)

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Talking of Navaratras, are you aware that In many north indian families, there is a ritual called "kanchak" on the "Astami" (eight day of the Navaratras). People get up early in the morning and cook halwa, puri and channa. Little girls from the neighborhood who have yet to reach puberty are called. These girls are considered to be the representation of Goddess Durga herself. They are worshiped, their feet washed, tika put on their foreheads. A red thread is also tied to their wrists. They are served food and given money. Then these girls go to another house and collect food and money. The number of girls should be more than five or more. A boy is also called who represent Lord Hanuman. All day girls go from one house to other. They collected lots of money.

      It is not a ritual followed in my community, but my late mother used to do it, so we follow this tradition. Nowdays, we give food and money to poor children, since children of our neighborhood are too busy on that day. We used to be called to different houses on that day when we were small. One of those things which you remember from you childhood.



    3. That function is not done in DH's community, but when we were living in Navi Mumbai Ishita was a little over 1 and we had a neighbour who did gift her halwa and money as well as one of DH's colleague as they were observing the ritual. I think this is one of these ritual that should be celebrated more, it tells girls they are really special and precious, in India with its biased gender ratio, it is a very good thing to remember that girls are to be blessed and worshiped as goddesses too.

    4. Anonymous11:17 AM

      It was actually great fun rushing from house to house collecting food and money. From early morning, people would tell their neighbors, "after you have finished the pooja, send the girls to our house". Sometimes a group of girls heading towards one house were hijacked by someone else. This is the only day, when girls in great demand. This is exclusively girls event. Little children are amused when adults touch their feet. As children, they have great fun getting gifts, money and food. When we were young, the whole day was spent fishing out coins from halwa and chanas. This money was then used to buy gifts. However, once a girl reaches puberty, she no longer qualifies for this ritual.




      Oh, BTW, Ishita could be a very cute little goddess.

      The story of goddess durga is one of female power. The great demon Mahisasura got the boon from Lord Brahma that no man could kill him. He said that "Since no man could kill him, there is no possibility of any threat from any weak women". Thus, he underestimated the power of women at his own peril. When goddess durga killed all his generals and annihilated his army, he realized that she is no ordinary women. He said "Oh goddess, I have not recognized you, but I will fight you anyway, as I seek salvation at your hand". Goddess Durga granted him the boon that he would be worshiped along with her for eternity. This why Durga is also known as "Mahisasur Mardini" (destroyer of the pride of Mahisasura). The moral of the story is, when women can create life, she is also perfectly capable of destroying it.


    5. Ishita would definitely look cute as a little goddess, beside it seems her name is one of the names given to Durga, DH and I knew it meant Greatness, but my SIL told us it was also Durga's name :-)

  3. Very often, the time and energy that one wastes complaining and cribbing, can be made use of to understand the situation and act in a positive manner so that there is some movement forward. Even I am a diehard optimist and believe in the power of positive energy. Most of the problems stem out of the fact that people react in a negative, cynical, sarcastic manner and form judgements that don't take any one of us forward. I can attest to the the fact that if we desist from complaining, and instead try to understand, we will feel far better. No doubt about it.

    1. Exactly! I used to have a friend when I was in high school who was whining, complaining and fussing about anything. The amount of energy she was using to keep herself down was staggering. She even managed to turn a positive thing into a negative one. I am still convinced today, that should she have applied would it be one tenth of the energy she wasted on cribbing to seeing the bright side of thing she would have been an entirely new person and could have avoided issues she put herself in. I tried to lift her up, but according to her it was easy for me to think that way, as I was apparently born under a lucky star. I remember denying it at first, and one day, told her that she was right, and her life did indeed suck and that it was indeed all because she was born unlucky and that I was really glad my life was awesome, she ended up not talking to me for nearly a year, and started getting better from there.


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