How to tame wardrobe chaos

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This whole public holiday vortex that sucked me in these past 10 days is not only over, I survived it as well. As a bonus, I even got productive, despite the heavy rains that gave my daughter a serious case of pent up energy (aka cabin fever).
One of the thing I have planned to tackle for the longest time (pretty much since we moved in back in 2012) was this:

wardrobe chaos at its best

Isn't it the most pinterest worthy wardrobe organization you have ever seen? (Kidding of course). With each move we made in the past decade we never had to buy a wardrobe. In Bangalore they are very often just built in, and in Mumbai we always aimed at semi-furnished flats which is code for wardrobe and kitchen cabinets. The problem is that when you relocate constantly, you end up dealing with a new wardrobe configurations every single time. And of course you probably know how pissed I was to move to a new place 4 days before Christmas back in 2012.
The move was so taxing, that we pretty much just dumped a lot of stuff in the first place that seemed somewhat remotely logical for them to be in and did not even think further...we had no brain cells left to think, and between me, DH, Ishita and the dog, I think we had a total of combined working neurones that would equal half an amoeba brain (it was that bad!)

The mess above is the result of that temporary brain damage. The wardrobes in our room are big, and had enough shelf space to just dump all those things that were no longer fitting in the bathrooms, or in a drawer or anywhere it did fit in a previous arrangement. And, because mess usually attract more mess over time, what was a somewhat messy storage, became a super duper messy one with each passing months...years...
For the past few months, it came to a point that I could not find anything easily enough, and it often resulted in me to have to empty half the shelf just to find the pot of Vics vaporup, a band aid or the nail polish remover. My idea from the start was to organize everything into small inexpensive plastic drawer units. The problem is that the ones that were big enough for or costly, or coming in funky child like prints that would never keep Ishita away from my things. Whenever I found one, it was the last piece, or it was too huge to fit in the shelves.
I tackled the problem once and for all and this is what I found:

wardrobe chaso tamed with plastic drawer containers

The moment the rain gave us enough of a break last Friday, I took Ishi for an outting to the craft supply store. Store which happens to stock up cheap Chinese plastic storage and kitchen gizmos as well. I was determined to not come back empty handed, no matter what, I would tame the chaos in my wardrobe. I bought three small drawer units that would fit the shelves ( the only ones that did fit) and fortunately they were grown up design enough not to have Ishita claim them as her own. In a perfect world I would have loved them to be all blue, but we don't live in a perfect world, and two pink ones and one blue seemed a fair compromise enough. I threw in a set of three blue little bins to put on top of each unit and we headed back home.

I immediately took a picture of the mess, grabbed a garbage bag, and started dumping the entire content of two shelves on my bed. It took me hours to clean everything, sort everything, plan everything, rearrange everything to finally come up with this:

chaos tamed on all shelves

It started with all the rarely worn jewellery and bangles to migrate to an out of reach upper cabinet I. The same wardrobe in order to make more room for all the things we use daily in the main section. Then, I used the tree drawer units to organise, medicines, bandages, cosmetics, and hair dodahs. I repurposed the big green basket to store the big bottles of lotions, shampoo, brushes and other sunscreens, hid the hair dryer in the travel vanity bag and put the two jewellery box I use in the front of the drawers.
I then found an old box with just one light bulb left in it in another part of the flat. I repurposed said box to hold all our pool and beach gear, which we use on occasion : swim suits, caps, floaties and sunglasses. I threw ina small pack of absorbia to keep the moisture and mold in check before snapping it shut.

a box for everything and everything in its box

The two plastic trays on top of the beach gear box are repurposed as well. Our local namkeen shop sells Ragi roast chips in these and they are just the right size to store all kind of clutter around the home. So I wash them and reuse them, these two were made pretty with some decorative tape (I plan to make pretty labels in the future). One of these hold Ishita's head bands the other an assortment of odd ends that I want to keep for further projects.

And, because the top shelf was no longer cluttered with swimwear and travel essentials, I managed to keep the woollens and craft paper stuff back in a neat little pile as well. It might change again soon, as I need to go through half the content of that shelf before Diwali. It holds all my seldom worn salwaar suits, half of them probably not fitting well anymore or looking too worn out (I keep the kurti and churidars I do wear more regularly in another part of that huge wardrobe).

Ishita watched me clean the wardrobe most of the afternoon, but it didn't give her any good ideas about cleaning her own room just yet. the joy of having a 5 years old home!

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