Gratitude diary

12:41 PM

a gratitude diary

How many times a day do you remember to count your blessings? Do you even count them at all? Do you keep a list, a written list of everything you love?

I myself have kept diaries since I was a teenager. They always contained a mix of feelings and emotions ranging from love to anger. Ramblings of all kind living side by side on their pages. Some diaries contained more doom and gloom than others (and interestingly they were the ones I lost to termites recently).
I don't have to launch myself into a long explanation about my belief in the power of positive thinking. if you have been reading this blog long enough, you know where I stand on that ground. What I started doing a little while ago is keeping a special diary. A diary I call my " Gratitude and Love diary".

It serves the purpose of keeping all these feel good moments and warm fuzzies in one place. So that I can go open it at any page when in need of an instant pick me up. Truth be told, just writing it is energising to begin with. I take a little time each day to reflect on the things I am grateful for, and often list all the things I love. Randomly, with no given preferences, I just write down what crosses my mind without worrying about it being trivial or silly. If I love it, or feel grateful for something it goes in the diary. I also write wishes and dreams in it, and I have only two rules concerning said diary :

- Never write in black ink
- Make no mention of anything negative
written in pretty colours

I keep a few colourful fine liners pens around to write, and another diary to write my worries and rants. My reason for staying away from black ink is that it is a formal ink, I have plenty of other uses where it is just the one to use. In this diary I want colour, cheerfulness and happy feelings, writing in colours makes me happy...

You'd be amazed how much just half an hour of consciously giving thanks for the things you have does for your spirit. How energising focusing on the positive and listing all your loves is. I encourage you all to give it a try.
Pick a pretty notebook at the stationary store. Throw in a special pen if you don't have one already, and start writing. Write anything, just about anything positive that crosses your mind. Don't overthink it, don't worry about it being silly, shallow and insignificant. First because it's all for your eyes only and you should not be afraid to be genuine with yourself. Second, because nobody has the right to decide for you what is dumb to love or not. There is no stupid reason to be grateful and no silly things to love.

I love the smell of freshly baked bread. I love watching the sunset. I am grateful for that hour of quiet I got today. I love where I live. I am truly grateful being alive...

These are just a few ideas to get you started, and it will be as life changing as the 24 hours without complaints challenge.

Try it...

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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hey thanks for sharing this. I was thinking of taking up that challenge. :)


    1. You are welcome :-) you will not be disappointed keeping a gratitude diary, I found the experience pretty amazing all along.

  2. A personal question, hope you don't mind - do you write your personal diary in English (from the picture above)? From the blog I know that your native language is French.
    I am thinking to write this kind of diary as well, thanks for sharing. Even have a notebook, which I was given as a gift some time ago, but never used it. Yet. :)

    1. I don't mind at all :-) Yes I write my personal diaries in English, I started as a teenager, the instant I became fluent enough in the language as a way to prevent my sister reading my personal stuff. It lead to me being far far more comfortable writing things in English than French over the years. I still can speak French comfortably, I still read it, I can of course write it, but I found that I translate my personal feelings and emotion better in English :-)

      Make the best use of that notebook you have by starting your own gratitude diary today :-) It is very therapeutic.


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