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8:57 AM

lil flea market Bandra Mumbai

Yesterday evening, we headed to Bandra's reclamation ground to have a look at this weekend's event : The lil flea market. There were a lot of shopping display of handicrafts by small companies and entrepreneurs, a live music corner, food...all the things you normally expect at these type of markets, which are often just one or two days events to look for via advertising in the medias. I tried taking a few pictures with my phone, and the one above was really the best considering it was getting dark (my phone doesn't do well taking pictures in low light...something I'll have to remember for the next one I buy).
This is my picture of India this Sunday, one that also show that contrary to what travel books want you to believe, not everybody in India wears Sarees and Salwaar suits and are no less Indian for doing so.

The lil flea market is still on this Sunday at the Bandra reclamation ground from 11am until 11pm, so if you are in Mumbai, consider dropping by for a visit. There is a picture of the flyer on my Facebook page as well. It seems they also do events in other cities in India if you are curious about it.


  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    In delhi there is something called pragati maidan, under the ministry of commerce, which has pavilions of different states showcashing their crafts and food. It also hosts book fair and international automobile fair. The automobile fair is much awaited event. The fair starts every year in november when it starts to get chilly. Everyone rushes to pragati maidan. This is delhi resident's favourite winter outing. Govt officials get free passes which are great in great demand. The sheer expanse of the event is seen to be belived. More like a huge flea market.

    Why such a useful place is called flea market. Reminds me of flies. In delhi we have weekly markets called "haats". The named after the day on which they are organized like mangal bazar (tuesday market) budh bazar (wednesday market). You can pick up vegetsbles, clothes, utensils from these markets at cheap rates. It is the last refuge of middle class people other wise vegetables in stand alone shops are beyond reach. I shudder to think what would happen if we are left with only malls and branded showrooms. Thank god for small mercies.

    Last year one kg of onion was rs.60/- equivalent to one dollar. We are so proud of our humble onion. Onions and now the mars probe reaching two days after american mars craft, it seems we are finally catching up with america for sure Lol...


    1. the term flea market comes from the west. In Europe flea markets still do second hand items, there is one in Geneva that is a twice a week event. People bring their old stuff to a merchant to sell them, the merchant resell it. merchants also go hunt for items in debt auctions and heavy items dumps which is some counties happen 2-3 times a year. Some specialise in old music, others in old furniture, others in old electronics. items on sales at these flea markets are not always in a good shape, but they attract collectors who have a passion and will restore them to their ancient glory themselves. It is only recently that European flea markets started selling handicrafts, which is what has caught on in India during a special even market. The term flea market was used in Europe to de one the fact that what you were buying there was old, second hand and probably not always super polished and clean :-)


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