Tuna on rye bread

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Tuna fish on rye bread lunch

With Ishita being on the school bus this year, I have lunch by myself on weekdays. And because of my insulin resistance problem, I tend to benefit far more from a diet richer in protein than in carbohydrates. This spread is one of these simple and quick to put together lunches that will not only keep me full longer but also taste great. If you can't find rye bread where you are (it is not widely available in India, at least not locally made) choose any whole grain bread. The taste will of course no be the same as rye has a very distinctive sharp taste, but it will still be healthy and filling. I served it with a few wedges of Gouda cheese on the side there, which I ended up not finishing and putting back in the fridge. That is how filling this lunc will be.

To make one plate you'll need :

2 slices of rye bread
1 can of tuna in salt water (brine)
1 heaped tablespoon of Mayo
A few rocket leaves (aragula)

Simply mix the drained tuna and Mayo together and put on top of the two slices of bread. Garnish with the rocket leaves and eat immediately.

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  1. Most of branded bread in India seems to have Soya flour. Is that necessary? Any health impacts of consuming Soya enriched bread?

    1. I have no idea about the soya flour thing really. Most of the breads I buy only list wheat flour. This rye bread is really just rye.


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