Christmas Paper Wreath

12:47 PM

This week, I am in full on craft mode. It dawned on me that this is the last week of November (can you believe it?). I have to finish the advent calendar by this Sunday. But I did make a special ornament for an ornament exchange at a party I am attending this weekend, and from then onward, the mood was set.
All warm and geared up, I decided to get into a little project I had in mind to decorate the top of that new chest of drawers that sits in our living room.

Christmas wreath made of paper strips

I knew I wanted a new wreath. We already made one last year, and I plan to reuse it on the same door. I just wanted another one, one more refined and less child-crafty looking. After spending a little time on Pinterest for inspiration, I ended up making the one above. Following several ideas I found and compiled them into one.
I used a big paper plate for the base of my wreath, the cheap type you find in most stores in India. You know the ones that have a silver foil lining inside and are still untreated grey cardboard on the outside...these ones!
I cut out the center following one of the conveniently embossed lines, and because I wanted to take advantage of the silver foil, I pushed the inside out (just reversing the embossing that gives the plate its shape). You can of course take whatever plate you want, and even paint it if you want the base to be a specific colour, after all, some of it will peek through once you are done with the project.

Christmas themed craft paper

I then used the Christmas themed craft paper I bought last year. I cut long strips in an assorted lot of patterns, and pasted them one by one on the paper plate base. I repeated the process on two rows.

Close up of the Christmas wreath

Once I was done with the paper strips and let it dry properly, I used 3D liner glitter glue. You know, to put my usual finishing touches...I use 3D liners a lot, I love them, that is my thing. Finally, once all that glitter got dry, I used some Christmas coloured cable string to conceal the unevenness at the edge of the opening in the middle. I used plain old white glue to do it. I used the same string to make a bow loop to hang it on the wall.

Wreath viewed at an angle

It is then that I realised that I'd better put it up already. instead of shoving it in a wardrobe until next week. And that is the first year I officially have anything Christmassy out before the start of December.

Christmas wreath above chest of drawer

Needless to say I am working on several other small things to make the space below and around the wreath a bit more festive. That will make for more pictures later on...

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  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Nice. This looks so pretty and christmassy! Now u mention it the last years one looks really childish compared to this one. I actually love love that star shape lantern that people hang out here. It is the best festive decorating thing ever.

    1. Oh yes the one from last year is very childish, it was a craft project I did along with Ishita, so we did keep it very simple. This new wreath is a grown up craft project.
      I love these stars too, never bought one because I always have problem connecting them to a power source. They are going to start selling them this weekend, my local craft supply store already announced they are getting all the lights and decoration this weekend.

    2. Anonymous11:02 AM

      What do you do on Christmas?? do you go to the church at night?? Christmas for us means fantastic rum cakes. There is something warm and celebrity about Christmas, may be because of the winters I suppose.

      I find the story of Jesus Christ birth very beautiful. He was born in an barn. Lord Krishna was born in a prison. It is said that when Krishna was born the guards were fell asleep, the doors opened and Krishna father carried him in a basket across river Yamuna to Gokul village. Both these great souls performed miracles and died violent deaths.

      Jesus was crucified and Krishna was shot by a hunter who mistook his feet jutting out of a bush for a deer. There are lots of parallels between Jesus and Krishna.

    3. I don't go to Church on Christmas, because while born in a Cjristian family, I now really can't associate myself with the religion at all, I consider myself more spiritual than religious. For me Christmas has always meant celebrating family, and togetherness. I Far more adhere to the pagan festival that originally celebrated the Winter solstice, in fact many of the Christmas decorations you find nowadays still have deep roots in pre-Christian European folklore and pagan traditions.
      In India I celebrate Christmas more as a celebration of cooler days than the actual solstice thing. Regardless it is the time of the year you share with family and friends, be it to invoke the return of the longer brighter days, or the birth of Jesus ( who is the saviour and bringer of light for Chritians), or even celebrate the pleasant Mumbai winter after a whole year of or heat or wetness.

      In Christianity, it is Moses that was put in a basket and put in the River Nile to escape. I always find it interesting how many paralels we have between every religions in this world.

    4. Anonymous3:38 PM

      These stories are all fables which traveled from country to country often changing slightly. I heard of an interesting story. It is said that early years of Jesus’s are shrouded in mystery. These years are known as the “Lost Years”. Some say he travelled to India and lived in the Himalayas with the yogis and attained knowledge, somewhere in Kashmir. Then he travelled back and gave his first sermon. Internet throws up interesting stories.

      BTW, I saw a Disney movie on Moses. It showed Moses leading his people to the Chosen Land of Israel from Egypt. As the people neared the Nile river, Pharaoh's army surrounded them. Moses prayed to god, the river parted way and Moses and his followers crossed the river. However, the Pharaoh and his army drowned. I don't know whether it is true or not. Everywhere the people we getting the same ideas.

      In Mahabharata, Karna was put in a basket and put in river Ganga by his mother Kunti since she had become an unmarried mother.


    5. The Red Sea parting in two to allow Hebrews to cross is a fantastic myth, but there is no truth to it. There must be some symbolism to it I am really not familiar with. Many tales have roots in oral traditions and get changed over the generations and once they are in print, they are a whole different story.

  2. I bet that would work well with old Xmas cards too.
    I got out my knitting needles & have been working on 'mug sweaters'
    Hey Cyn,
    Did you ever find any baking parchment paper in India? I haven't found any yet. I actually cut down one of my VERY EXPENSIVE 11"x15" Silpat liners to 9"x13" to fit in my toaster oven.

    1. That would totally work with old Christmas cards.
      I haven't found baking parchment in India yet, though I know that someone found some in Hyderabad, in Mumbai I am pretty sure that Crawford Market supplies it, but going all the way to South Mumbai just for that is a bit crazy :-) I still have some left from the stock my mom brought over last time she came. I also saw some silicon sheets in Lifestyle, these could work great for cookies and bread stuff, probably not too good to line a cake thin though.

    2. Oh and these mug sweaters look adorable!

    3. Thanx,
      I've been using buttered wax paper to line cake tins - it has worked well. I bought a very 'cute' springform pan from IKEA in Bangkok, I just used it & it LEAKS :( Guess I'll just have to put aluminum foil around it's bottom when I use it.

    4. Anonymous6:40 PM

      You don't need to go to Crowford market to get baking supplies. Almost all of it is available in Andheri W. It is a plain Jane from the outside but a treasure mine from the inside. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the shop as I went there a few years ago when I lived in Mumbai and that too just once. I will just provide you with directions and you can check for yourself. Come out of Andheri Station (west) (the lane that starts with McDonalds in the left) and go further after crossing the main road. Enter a small lane that goes further in, you will find a shop on the right (after 4-5 shops) with a muslim name. Hope you find baking parchment there as I bought some. To top it, it is very reasonably priced as well. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Lakshmi

    5. Baking Parchment is now available on Amazon, the good one that doesn't need any additional greasing. Last year I got some baking wax paper from a shop near where I live but it was a complete disaster, it stuck to all my baking good very badly, that paper still needed to be buttered, which completely negated the point of having a paper lining.

      It seems Bandra has a treasure trove of shops selling baking goods and even puff pastry dough.

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Its really nice that you can have wall hangings. Our owner will be quite pissed off if we drill holes in the walls. I tried getting those stick hooks but they always fall off. Your prep is going really well for the hold. Do put up the recipe of roast chicken if u plan to make it. Oh yes even cookie recipes.

    1. I managed to hang a few things just using pushpins, this one I did hang in a crack that had been previously filled with plaster, the pushpin fell off, but a small screw held. Fortunately I never had a landlord that was against drilling holes, all my lease did mention us having to pay painting charges when leaving anyway, and with Ishita who scribbled on walls, we are anyway going to have to pay in this one :-)

      I might do a roast chicken for Christmas, but I haven't decided just yet. This is a dish I do regularly anyway, so I might post it on another occasion. And the cookie recipes are coming soon. If you dig in the Christmas label you might find the link to them in the previous years though. but I am planning to get baking this week, and already have some dough stored in the freezer, as I reduce my burden, preparing some in advance so that when we want to do holiday baking, I only have the fun part left in one session :-)

  4. That's really great and you have given me lots of ideas to make my own, I might add some pom poms around the middle as I don't have any of that pretty string

    1. I was thinking of using pom-poms on mine, but I had no wool in the right colours to make them, so I went for that pretty string. I usually start looking for Cjristmassy material I could use in October and November, and pick whatever I can find and might use then, so I had that string stocked in my craft drawer just in case. On Pinterest I saw a wreath that used little snowflakes cutouts instead of that string I used.

  5. Such an effective result with so little cost involved. I love love LOVE this!

    1. Thank you,
      This's is indeed a very low cost project, it can even be done with leftover gift wrap paper or old greeting cards. It is also a quick enough project, all in all I think I spent 2 hours on this one.


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