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12:08 PM

Yesterday, I posted the picture below on my Facebook page, Twitter and Google+. Asking you guys to guess what I was up to.

24 paper cups, waiting for Christmas

There are 24 of them, have you guessed yet? Once I am finished, there will be glitter paint, numbers, a few wires and probably some of these involved:

Christmas themed craft paper

So have you guessed already? If you guessed it was an advent calendar in the making, you were correct. We are almost in the middle of November already (can you believe it? I sure can't). Advent calendars have to be ready by December 1st. And I make one for Ishita every year, you can see the previous ones here, here, here and here.
This year, the idea is to turn these paper cups into little buckets that I will hang on a string, or branch (not decided yet). I will then place a few chocolates and candies wrapped in tissue paper in each bucket. I started with paper cups I had lying around at home, they were e trembly un-Christmassy with tropical flowers on a blue background. So, I decided to paint them.
Originally I wanted them white, but it didn't matter how many layers of paint I used, the hot pink flowers were still showing through. It became time for plan B : choose another paint colour.

And this is how I ended up with copper and gold. Each paper cup will have a little wire hoop once I get to go to the craft supply store, and quite possibly a few strings and paper cutouts to prettify them further.
Of course, the final result will be posted on December 1st.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I know this comment is nothing related to your post but I was kind of expecting a post on that whole kiss of love campaign thingy. From what I hear there were more onlookers on marine drive than the people participating in it. Is it true?

    1. That kiss of love thingy is really something I don't follow. I only came to know about the whole hype of it through friends feed on FB and it really left me very puzzled in many way. I wasn't even aware there was one event going on in Mumbai.
      That there were more onlookers than participating people in Marine drive doesn't surprise me though. Marine drive is a prime pedestrian spot, a crowd can gather very easily on any given day, kiss of love or not.

    2. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Is glad that I am not the only one who does not understand it. It is basically a rebellion sort of thing. I don't know how it will create awareness about love. People have to be more creative and substantial in their protests. This way the are reinforcing the "liberal western" stereotype that most Indians have. I liked the "Pink Chaddi" campaign. Though I am conservative myself, I do not subscribe to moral policing. I think both the liberals and the conservative need to be more articulate in voicing the opinion.

      If my religious/cultural sentiments are hurt, I will protest. But I may not be inclined to break somebody's head. It does not help matters if some people try to become my spokesman and intimidate people for their own reason. I don't approve of them. However, this cannot take away my democratic legitimate right to protest. Now a days an atmosphere is being created that nobody has the right to protest in this country and those who do are patriarchal and misogynistic.

      About your brown paper cups, I thought they are clay cups filled with "Misti Doi"(sweetened curd), a Bengali delicacy.


    3. I don't understand what the whole point of that campaign is. A quick Google search told me it was supposed to be to protest moral policing, but I fail to understand how that point is made when you give right wing extremist exactly the fuel they need to continue their fight against the "evil western" culture. I don't blame them, because as I said in another comment, I come from the west and the only one kissing in public are infatuated teenagers and self respected adults think it is stupid and gross. The adults locking lips in a passionate embrace in the street is the stuff you only see in movies.

      I really despise moral policing. It is wrong, and a form of terrorism, but there must be a better way to make a point against it than just go out and kiss in public. Or send pink underwear to politicians for that matter.

      You are right, these little cups do indeed look like pots full of misti doi :-)

  2. Anonymous1:20 AM

    See, you have a way of voicing opinions better than most journalists in India. And giving a clear picture of the so called evil western culture. It removes all the misconceptions people get from watching movies and taking it for granted.That is why I told earlier that I was expecting a post. :P
    Even I wasn't aware of it until one if my friends blogged about it. So I naturally lurked here to see what you had written but I got a craft post. :) I wish you would upload more pics of craftwork and painting tips too!! For greeting cards and stuff. Sorry if i am bothering you.

    1. You are absolutely not bothering me. I love when my readers give me suggestions.
      In fact I have been mulling over this whole Kiss of love campaign thing all of yesterday afternoon, and on my walk this morning. I plan to write about it today itself.
      There will be more crafts project coming soon too, with Christmas a little over a month away, I am gearing up and getting very crafty :-)


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