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Nature Park Manali

8:17 AM

Walking in Manali's Nature Park

At the risk of repeating myself; when one think of India, they often have Mugal architecture, deserts, camels, elephants and beaches in mind.
But India is, as I pointed out before, a huge country that is having many different cultures, regions, fauna and flora. A few of the country's Northern States are in the Himalya range, and like it is the case in all higher altitude alpine settings, you will have trees that loose their leaves in the Fall, and the presence of tall evergreens.
This picture was taken in December 2009, we we took Ishita on her first trip ever, at 5 months of age. We spent a week in Manali enjoying the fresh air and beautiful mountain scenery. The Nature Park in Manali has a nice promenade amoung it's tall pine trees and the sound of the Beas river in the background. One of the sign said there was a tree nursery in it too, but we never really made it that far, we just took in the greenery and posed for pictures. Notice how I make a cameo appearance in that one, in my finest 90's parka gear. It came to be in our possession when DH needed a warm jacket in Switzerland, my mom had still some of our old ski gear handy, and he brought it back to India with him.

Manali gets cold in the Winter months, and we were glad to already have a stock of wooden sweaters and jackets before heading there. Back then we were living in Bangalore, so we used warmer clothes, regularly enough. I imagine that if we lived in Mumbai all that time we would have been quite ill equipped. In the past 3 years, our woollens and yep, even that mighty parka, are catching dust and mold in a wardrobe. On a cold January day in Mumbai, we need a hoodie over a long sleeved t-shirt at the most ( though many think otherwise, an no I won't elaborate just yet...)


  1. It's a nippy 13C here in Nepal this morning, wearing my woolies & boots!

    1. And we are just starting to feel like wearing sweatpants in the morning over here, but still nowhere near considering anything long sleeved, or even socks, but it is just now starting to feel comfortable through the day. Just in time to kick start the holiday season :-)

    2. Anonymous6:13 PM

      It is getting a little chilly in Delhi. Soon there will be fog. Winter afternoons are great. Give me winters without fogs. Summers are blistering but at least you can see where u are heading. Romantic maybe but very difficult for day to day life. I feel as if the world as I know has vanished. It is not the best thing in the morning.

      Have u tried winter snacks like gut Patti (jagged bars with peanuts), gazak and revari (little sweet pellets of til and milk). U must tasted them in lucknow.

      Talking Of Hills Stations, U Should Try Ladakh. Very different hills of mud, cheerful people and ofcourse the pongdong lake is spectacular. The only problem is altitude sickness. U probably know how to deal with it. There are medicines both homeopathic and others to deal with it. Nice place if u like wilderness.


    3. Ugh the fog! It is really bad in Delhi, and I remember hating it equally in Switzerland, driving in that weather is pure hell. Beside thee is nothing like waking up to a thick wall of fog to make you want to go back to bed, epecially when in Winter in Switzerland the sun rise close to 8am, so we wake up in the dark, see a big blur of black outside the window, step out in freezing cold in the dark, and reach office at 8 only to watch the sun rising and trying to break the clouds from our workplace window. Then by 5 the sun is setting, and most people leave work at 6-6.30pm when it is again dark and cold outside. I love Winters in Mumbai and Bangalore, but that was the season I hated the most in my homeland...added hell bonus if it snows :-(

    4. Anonymous2:56 PM

      I found this and wanted to share with you. This is a hilarous parody of bureacrcy in the Indian sub continent. It talks about Pakistani bureacracy but it applies to Indian bureacracy as well. What is most hilarous is the way the bureaucrat justifies the money being spent on him, as if it his right. Hope u will enjoy it.



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