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Bedroom view

11:43 AM

This week I went digging into my pictures for today's post and found this old one among the picture of our Bangalore flat. The one we stayed in for 5 years in Viveknagar and loved very much. This picture was taken shortly after we moved in, we had no furniture back then and our mattresses rested on the floor against the wall that had this window and view.
As you can see, it is a typical residential layout in Bangalore, with houses of 2-3 storeys and flat roofs. There were shops bordering the main roads and still enough trees.
Over the years we got a bed in there and our heads were almost level with the window, so we had the breeze and sun coming directly on us but still had a nice view. Then our neighbour decided to raise her house by one floor, and her roof top came at the level of our bedroom. Anybody could just peek in if they wanted to.
This close proximity between houses in old neighbourhood is one of the reason why windows still have bars (which we call grills in India). It prevents thieves from breaking in. The other reason they exist is to keep monkeys out. Monkeys which are nothing but a type of thief...


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    merry christmas to you and family. What that brown thing on the roof?? I looks like somebody has put ajwain/jeera/grains for drying in the roof.


    1. Thank you, wishing you the same.
      That brown thing is just dried moss, my back then neighbour did not take much care of her roof, and water pooled in many places until she raise that house by one floor and it was a bit more level.


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