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The month of December is always rich in events, meetings, parties, gatherings and cooking sprees that I often find myself with a lot of blog posts ideas and too little time to really post it all before the season passed.
I spent all of last week preparing for and throwing a party at my place. And then, recovering from it over the weekend. So much so, I ended up forgetting about an ornament I made for an ornament exchange for an earlier party this year.

a simple DIY Christmas ornament that can be done in a little over one hour, drying time included

I had plan to share this easy little project earlier, forgive me for the delay. The good new is that it is so simple you could still make one, or a few for this Christmas.
All you need is some felt, some fabric glue, and...you guessed it 3D liner paint, aka glitter paint (yes I know, I use it a lot...that's my thing). If you feel crafty enough, and I did, you can even use some glass bead on a threat to finish it, but trust me, the ornament looked totally fine without too.

Oh and yeah you will need a little cotton, I used the make up removal pads, but you can use the surgical cotton available at your chemist too.

Cut two identical shapes in your piece of felt first, I used circle for that one, but I have made a star in the past too.
Then, place the cotton in the middle of the first piece, and apply fabric glue all around. In generous amount might I add, the felt will soak it up and you want to have enough glue to hold the two pieces together. Place the second piece of felt on top of the first one, and use clips to keep them together while the glue dries. Like this :

Once the glue is dry (give it an hour or so), remove the clips, and use 3D liner paint to draw your design. I did a snowflake, but really if you don't like them, feel free to draw just about anything. I did draw on both sides, so I had to let it dry before flipping it over and repeat.
Then if you have some patience, you can threat a string of tiny glass beads and use a quick drying glue like "All Fix" from Pidilite (the transparent solvent based type) to glue it around the edge of said ornaments.

Last but not least, use a piece of wire, string or ribbon ( all work well) to make a hoop to be able to hang it to your tree.

All in all you will spend about one hour of being actively working on said project if you are into details.

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