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8:11 PM

Year after years, I usually Google and print a one page a month Calendar to keep on my kitchen door. A calendar where I will write down school events, meetings, and birthday parties for me to remember them. I always look for something cute looking, and inevitably end up printing one for a talented lady based in the US.
As a result I always have a patriotic Red White and Blue month of July, a Back to School September, and a pumpkin something October, and of course a Turkey or Thanksgiving-y theme for the November page. And I don't have anything wrong with it as such. But, you see, I never celebrated Thanksgiving, the 4th of July has no meaning to me, Summer comes to an end in June in my corner of the world, and school starts in June, not September. When you live in India, a US Calendar doesn't really make much sense at all.

So, this year, I decided to start making my own. It was a long process of figuring out which software to use to design what I wanted. A lot of hours looking for an app to be able to do it on the vain. A few hours of really frustrating work in the starter edition of Ms Word on my netbook to finally realise that my creativity levels are not compatible with an office software.
After a few hours of all the aforementioned trials, I went back to my good old Paint Shop Pro software and completely designed a template for my calendar...from scratch! Bubbles after bubbles, toggling with the grid, making proportions finally have something I could possibly work with.

That was only the start. I then had to figure out what look I wanted for my calendar. I wanted it to be as much "Me" as possible, meaning I designed a lot of the backgrounds (but not all) pixels by pixels, spending another few hours at it. I then figured out I could design my own little cute graphics and cliparts in it too. And I tried, I did it as a hobby long long time ago, the task wasn't really new.
But, it was October already, the festive madness was upon us, the end of the year way too close for comfort and I ended up going against that idea altogether for this year. I instead came up with this :

This is 12 different Background, with only a few picked up from royalty free websites. Paired with little tags with the Month which I designed myself, and a paragraph of text in the background highlighting the month ahead. I kept it as secular as possible and did not write any public holidays on the dates they occur, you will have to fill that out yourself. Because not everybody lives in India. But instead of having a patriotic colour theme in July, I have one in August. I did mention things like mangoes, Summer heat, and Monsoon when they roughly occur for me in Mumbai and stayed away from snowmen, Halooween and turkeys.

In total, we are speaking of weeks of cumulated labour that went in this project. And I am offering it to you all. You can download it here, or you can preview and download here.

The file is a PDF file containing all 12 months.

All I am asking though is that you show a little consideration for the humongous amount of work I put into it and DO NOT redistribute it as your own. You can list said Calendar in a list, but people will have to come to my blog to dowload is only fair I get the page hits for my work don't you think?

It also goes without saying that you can't alter my designs, the logo at the bottom of the Calendar is there to give me credit. Like everything on my blog, it's copyrighted.

Last but not least, a word of thanks in comments is truly appreciated if you choose to use and print it.


  1. What a lovely idea.
    I'll print this off later. Thanks...!

    1. You are welcome :-)

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      I have downloaded it. I admire you creativity. Thanks.


  2. Cyn, thank you so much! What a generous gift! I will treasure this.

  3. It is a beautiful new year's present for me Cynthia. Downloading it right away :)

    1. You are welcome, wishing you a Happy New Year too


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