Getting 2015 ready

1:54 PM

The last few days of 2014 are upon us. The vow to do better in 2015 is on many lips. Resolutions are being drafted, and plans to keep up with them shaping up. And I am pretty sure a few of you have vowed to eat healthier after a month of decadence.

I know the thought crossed my mind, it does every year.

I'm not much for resolutions myself. I don't really keep up with them. But, I like the idea of starting with a brand new calendar, and a brand new planner. There is something really amazing about holding a diary that is yet to be filled. Filled with appointments, to do lists, events, parties and goals. And the feeling that everything is possible because it hasn't been written yet.

In truth, I rely on a calendar on my kitchen door to write all these important date, school ones in particular. And if you haven't done so already, go check and download the free printable calendar I created for you guys this year.
But, spending more and more time on my blog, the use of a day planner arose again, stronger than ever. For these, I am fairly old fashioned, I need them bound, and compact enough. It has to be a one page a day one, because I inevitably end up jotting down a lot more than a few lines. And, it needs to feel pretty enough (don't judge).

I tried these new age digital calendar, planners and what not in the past. And it was an epic fail every time. I simply can't stay focused and on task without weight and volume, preferably of paper in my hands. Appointments, goals and tasks have less weight, less power and less authority on me through a smart phone, computer or tablet. In fact, neither do ideas.
I can't make constructive drafts in the digital dimension. Drafts have to be on paper, where I can strike paragraphs, doodle, scribble and ramble and then scrunch the page away to throw in frustration when it doesn't go my way.

I am 2015 ready, equipped with a printable calendar (well already printed), a day planner, and I even put my Christmas decoration away already.
This post will be the last one of the year, I plan to spend the last few hours relaxing. So, I am wishing you all a Happy New Year.

See you in 2015...

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  1. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Every year at the end of the previous year and beginning of next year there is a mad scramble for calenders and diaries. People oblige each other by gifting diaries and calenders which they have got from their offices. Quiet a few government departments like Defence, Information & Technology along with banks and autonomous institutions print their own calenders and diaries. If you are a government servant family and friends expect you to have spare diaries and calenders. The first few weeks are spent in looking for calenders and diaries. The banks give calenders to those people who are customers very reluctantly.

    What do people see when the get hold of diaries and calenders?? Holidays and days of festivals then cry in anguish if the festivals fall on Saturdays and Sundays which means holidays lost. If there a bunch of holidays then the rake their minds, hmm... I can apply for two holidays and then go for a trip.

    Do you know that hindus have a religious calender which determines festival days and also the duration of the auspicious time on that particular day when that particular festival like Rakhi or Navratras have to be celebrated. My mother expired on 3rd July, 2013 but her Sharaddha (annual funeral ceremony) next year was conducted on 22nd June, 2014 according to Hindu calender depending upon the position of stars. Quiet complicated, best left to those who understand these phenomenons. Fascinating.

    India also has a desi calender called Bikrami Calender named after the famous King Vikramaditya.


    1. I always loved seeing diaries and calendars for sale, there is so much choice, and every company gives a free one to their employees or patrons. Children really start getting into day planners and diaries when they reach age 12 and start middle school in my homeland, that is because the school then stops issuing one to students to write down all their homeworks and dates of pop quizzes and tests, which fall once a week or so for each and every topic. I remember our teachers would give us the list of assignments to be completed for the next class. Since we had about 15 topics a week and as many teachers, we had to spend time every night leafing through to see if there was anything we could do in advance on a low homework load day. The biggest lesson from that system was time management. And buying our own school planner was that new big grown up thing, these special planners used to go from September to September instead of January to December. And there were many style, patterns, pictures, and theme for them. We also used to personalise them by pasting stickers and postcards on holiday days, or ask friends to write notes into them wherever there was space. And it was really hard to part with these at the end of the school year. I know I kept many of them for years and years just to revisit good memories in them.
      Once you get into these, you can't help but keep having one in adulthood :-)

      I always see empty calendars and planners as a vehicle for possibilities, it is blank, and reminds me that they are what we make out of them and that we are in charge of how we fill our lives :-)

  2. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Best wishes for 2015! Susan

    1. Thank you, wishing you the same. We are in the last few hours of 2014 over here


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