Cushion cover makeover

12:18 PM

After re-fluffing old cushions, it is now time to refresh some drab and sad looking cushion covers.

All you need to revive an old and tired cushion cover is a little fabric paint and creativity

I had these old cushion covers for a while, and when they were new, circa 2012, they looked cheerful. Several dog attacks and recurrent washes later, they looked only good enough for the cushion to serve as chair pads. Function they occupied for two years...until now.

What the old cushion looked like before being fully made over

I forgot to take a proper "Before" picture. I was too carried away getting them back to some sort of former glory. By the time I realised I needed to get that essential to bloggers doing DIY post before picture, I already had stencilled golden leaves.
Just imagine that faded, orangish area in the middle with nothing on it, because that is what these covers became to look like after just a couple of wash.
When I bought them, that area was a gorgeous orange and the faded dull colours you have now all over was the colour of the batik-y prints on it.

Once upon a time, they looked bright and new

I looked hard and long into my old pictures to see if I had any good shot of what they looked like. The picture above was the best I could find, and they already were a bit faded, 6 months after having them.
This should give you an idea of why they ended becoming chair pads. They were an embarrassment to my decor anywhere else.

Making little tags in the corner of the cushion cover with leftover fabric from another project.

After I finished stencil printing them, I had to deal with the little "pom-poms" no longer in the corner. I decided to dig in my box of fabric scraps and found kurti sleeves material I kept for that kind of small DIY projects. I stitched them in the shape of little "horns" over each destroyed pom-poms.
Then, I used fabric paint in metallic green and, yup, you guessed it, 3D liner paint to draw a funky designs on them.

Cable trimming glued with fabric glue to give a bit more stile to the finished cover

Finally, I used some cable trimming I had leftover from Christmas, and glued it all around the faded orange square with fabric glue.

Throw cushions make a sofa cozier and more inviting, and it is an easy way to change your room decor in minutes.

The perfect project to end 2014 it was. The two tiny purple cushions have miraculously passed the test of time. I bought them at the same time as the orange ones, they have no cover, have been as many time in the washing machine, and haven't lots fluff or colour. So, back on the sofa they went along with their now better looking siblings.

If my dog wants to continue chewing them, fine, the whole makeover didn't cost me much more than a new pot of metallic green paint anyway.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Happy Lohiri to you and family. Lohri was yesterday evening. From now on the days are going to be longer and nights smaller.

    This is celebrated as Makar Sankranti in North and East India. People take a dip in the holy rivers in the morning as it is considered auspicious.

    It is celebrated as Pongal in South India.


    1. Happy Makar Sankrati to you too.
      I know the different names of the festival, I have been living in India long enough :-) and a lot of it in South India.

    2. Anonymous11:22 AM

      It is also the time of delicacies in bengali households

      These are devastatingly sweet and the interesting part is that almost all communities make delicacies.

      This is Bihu dance from Assam on this day, quiet magical

      This is Lohri celebrations from Punjab, very boisterous. Part of my childhood memories, when the winter night was warmed by the warmth of bonfire and delicious peanuts, revaries and popcorns.



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