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Food Street Bandra

7:47 AM

a casual eat out place just off Carter's Road.

This picture is fresh of yesterday night. We headed to visit one of our friend's clothes shop in Bandra and ended up heading not far from her place to have a casual Al fresco (open air) dinner.
There is a street known as food street just off Carter Road in Bandra. It has a lot of eateries having outside sitting arrangement and serving no frills, tasty fast food, from a quick Chinese to a Burger, passing by a shawarma roll, momos or a dosa.

The ambiance is very casual, and at this time of the year it is super pleasant to be outdoors. Plus, Bandra's seafront is always buzzing with activity in the evenings.

We went for burgers yesterday, but we'll be back to explore a bit more. The burgers were awesome by the way. DH stuck with a classic Chicken Burger. I decided to go for what was refered to as an Arabic Mutton Burger, it came with a rich garlic sauce in it and the mutton patty was grilled to perfection. What was really cute was how the food was served in these little plastic baskets lined with a checkered paper napkin, old school dinner style.

To find the food street, you need to drive on Carter Road and take the road that turn right after Cafe Coffee Day, for lack of better description. If you fee lost, I am sure many will be able to point you in the right direction if you ask. But CCD is as good a landmark as any, it is at the corner of said street and Carter Road, you just can't miss it.


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