Hello 2015

9:27 AM

happy new year in a notebook.

Here we are, the board has been wiped clean, the last of the wine drank, and the resolutions are implemented. For those that do them that is. Because, I don't.
Unless vowing to continue to be awesome counts as one. And I think it totally does qualify to be a resolution. And perhaps the only one that truly matters. Repeat after me :

I am awesome, and I vow to keep on being awsome.

How does that sound? Better yet, how does that feel? Much better than "I resolve to eat healthy and go to the gym everyday" right?
We can all use a little positivity, and there will alway be enough people trying to sabotage our self esteem without doing that ourselves.

What I do every year however, is count my blessings, moments of triumph, achievments and happy moments. I litterally sit down and reflect on them in the last few hours of the year. And I only count the good, the bad goes to the mental trash, it,s not worth remembering, or holding to it. Unless I learned something from it that positively impacted my life, in which case it stops being a negative.
This year, I wrote all of it in my Gratitude Diary. It filled close to five pages in it. It include saving a cat's life, expanding my social circles, changing the name of my blog, getting business cards and learning new skills. among a great other many things.

I have absolutely no regrets about last year, but then I rarely do regrets to begin with. Regrets only hold one back, I can't be bothered with that.

I am wishing you all a Happy New Year...make that an Awesome New Year, because this is what it will be if you want it to be.

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  1. It's already 2015! ah, how time flies.

    *sends best wishes to you for the new year* :)

    1. Thank you dear.
      Time sure does fly, I haven't seen the past year pass.

  2. Lot of positive thoughts in your blog post. I guess that's the way. I too believe in two things you mentioned. One, count our blessings. And two, no point regreting.
    Wish you a Happy New Year, Cynthia.

    1. Happy New Year!
      Many times I have been asked if I had regrets, or the wish that I did things differently in the past. And I always reply by the negative, because who I am today, is the result of the sum of all my past actions, and I really like where I am and who I am today. As I said, regrets only really hold a person back, there is indeed little point in that.

  3. I liked this blog, Cynthia, can relate to what you say. I also have a gratitude list and a vision board that helps.

    I liked this very much-
    It include saving a cat's life, expanding my social circles, changing the name of my blog, getting business cards and learning new skills. among a great other many things.

    1. I like the idea of a a vision board! I remember having one in my studio apartment in Geneva, it helps a lot too.
      I love my gratitude diary, because on a low day, I can leaf through it and read old entries, this is always an instant pick me up :-)

    2. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Happy new year or shall I say rainy new year. I has been raining continuesly since 31st. I am in the holy city of Allahabad right now. When rain gods had mercy on us we did this:

      1. Boating in river yamuna, seeing the green waters of yamuna merge with the brown waters of ganga and the crystal clear Saraswati river joining them. Feeding siberian birds through the mist. Next time u come to lucknow visit Allahabad and see nature's beauty. It is nearby. It is also the spot of world famous kumbh meal. U must have heard about it.

      2. Eating jalebis of desi ghee with milk and kachoris with stag. Simple but delicious. Peanuts the size of rifle bullets served with dry and wet masala (dhania, ginger& green chillies). Makes u wonder what rubbish we are eating everyday.

      3. Seeing the holy cow in all its majesty. They have disappeared from Delhi. Dodging them ofcourse riding a two wheeler.

      4. People living in 200 year old houses. Friends, colleagues, neighbours who are warm like extended family.

      4. Temples and shrines every where, spirituality all around. You feel the energy all around you.

      The sea of humanity living on the river front to take the holy dip was amazing. Vast plaines with glittering. I am told that a few chores people live on the river bank during kumbh meal. A temporary city with the capacity of London or Paris is constructed by authorities.

      So visit Allahabad if u get the chance and of course benaras the holiest of holy cities. Both are located near lucknow.


  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Oh I failed to mention Hindi in its purest form minus the garbage we hear everyday. It is almost musical to the ears. Cultured and polite. There is something intellectual about the common man there. It is ofcourse the heart of hindi belt with its rich heritage and literature. In Delhi everybody is aggressive all the time.


  5. Welcome the new year and a new vision for sure!

  6. I love how positive you are, Cyn. I love the idea of a Gratitude Diary. ♥

    1. The gratitude diary is awesome, it really chanels the positive. I got the idea for it after reading both "The Magic" and "The Power" by Rondha Byrne, the lady who slap wrote the book "The Secret". Long long long before knowing about her, or her even writing said books, I knew about the power of positive thinking. I think I became aware of it as a teenager, which was about 20 years ago ( showing my age already?)


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