Re-fluffing cushions

12:20 PM

This was part of my last project of 2014 and will be the object of two blog post. The first one being how to rescue lumpy old cushions and pillows and make them plump and happy looking again. Step 2 will be posted on this blog tomorrow, and consit of prettifying sad old looking cushion covers.

I always said that cushions in my home never really last long, or stay put on the sofa very long. My dog is a cushion killer, and in her youth shredded way too many to make us want to invest in anything fancy, or even consider having any in our living room.
Except, I love cushions and snuggling with one or a few on the sofa, especially in the Winter (in the Summer, I couldn't care less, everything including my own skin try to kill me).
But since my dog still like to bite into whatever soft cushions or remnant of what once upon a time was an appealing plum cushion, I was really not feeling like buying anything new.

That is how my rescue plan kicked into gear.

Growing up, supermarkets in Switzerland used to sell (and I am sure they still do) poly fill cotton in big bags. Because a lot of people used to refill their cushions with fresh filling every now and then. Both my grand ma were doing, my mom was doing it, many of my friends' moms were doing it. It was a usually 20-30 minutes fuss free project that implied cutting a small opening in a cushion and inserting handfuls of fresh filling to add up to the already existing one. Then stitching it back before putting the cushion back in its cover, resurrecting flat lumpy things back to their former glory.

I had two really ugly rectangle guest pillows that we are retiring (we bought new ones that will no longer shame anybody). And, We had two square cushions that we used as chair pads until I defended to buy pads for more than two of our chairs.
All in all, that means enough stuffing to my disposal for a few soft furnishing project. The first one being bringing back the sofa throw cushions to life.

At the time one of the square cushion was dirty, so I decided to use one of the yellow guest pillow of shame no longer. I cut it open on one side and emptied the entire stuffing.
As you can see above, that was a hell of a lot of mated and compacted white stuff that just begged to be re-fluffed.
And re-fulling I did, pulling and stretching handful of it between my hands before putting it back where it belonged.

Once the pillow was filled enough to make for a decent square cushion, I folded the extra fabric and did hand stitch it close.
As you can see in the picture, I still had some filling left, and one of the two square cushion left. I did the same thing with the square one, using the white filling first and complementing it with some of its own original filling.

I put the extra filling in a plastic bag for later, and still have one pillow and one square cushion left to work with. But, for that little project I really only needed two cushions, as I had two really ugly worn out cushion covers to prettify.

All in all this re-fluffing took me an hour. See you all tomorrow to see how to resurrect a cushion cover.

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