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Sunset over Powai Lake

8:25 AM

Powai is a place that will make you forget your are in Mumbai, or even India.

This week, I visited a friend who lives in IIT Powai and we took our kiddos down by the lake for a picnic. We wrapped it up by sunset because IIT is famous for getting visits from Leopards who become active at sundown.
Before leaving, I could not resist snapping a quick picture with my mobile phone. Looking at the lake from that angle, you would not guess that it is now surrounded by the city. It wasn't the case would it be just 30 years ago, when Powai wasn't synonymous with the posh Hiranandani Township just yet. There was a time when all there was around was IIT in the middle of what was pretty much just a jungle with a few villages. It was once a weekend picnic spots for Mumbaikars who looked for an escape from the city.

The jungle is still there to be fair. It's just that it is more concrete than trees, and more wild traffic than natural animalistic wilderness.
The lake itself is artificial, it was built by the British as a water reservoir. It is however no longer in use, it's water have been declared unfit for consumption. It is polluted and it has a big problem with water hyacinths that stubbornly refuse to clear. It is still home to a few crocodiles, and the source of living for a few fishermens. It also share a border with the Sanjay Gandhi National Park from which Leopards come from, roaming from one jungle to another.


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