A Table Lamp Makeover

7:30 AM

Taking and old blah looking table lamp and turn it into a quirky colourful piece with a polkadot lampshade.

Do you remember this lamp? The lamp that crashed twice and got miraculously put back together last year? Well, said lamp fell a third time from grace a few months ago. This time, the cat did it.
That lamp first got broken by Ishita when she was a toddler, then by my dog last Summer, and the new addition to the family decided to leave its mark on it last October.

Any sane person would just throw it away, or resign themselves to the fact that the lamp is going to look broken for good. Except, I am not a sane person. Not when it comes to having a chance at DIY projects opportunities coming my way.

Cracks in the base set aside, this lamp has been a sore sight for a while. For a start, it looked more and more faded and old (we bought it in 2009). Its lampshade was a bit deformed, had stains that would not go away and had been glued back together in places. The stand, or the part of it that was still intact had yellowing spots and an overall uneven look. But more important than everything, that lamp looked ridiculously BLAH.

Once upon a time, it matched a casual, earthy decor and stood out proudly. In our new decor full of cheerful colors, it looks like an old and sad little lady fading in the background.
And, when that happens in my home, it is time to break out the paint and do a crazy makeover. Beside, with that lamp, I had absolutely NOTHING to loose. I had the license to go nut with it.

The first step was to fix my cat's handy work. Since that lamp had been broken in a million shards before, I never recovered anything to glue back together this time around. I had to close this big gaping hole at the bottom another way.
Fortunately, Pidilite has a whole arsenal of stuff you can use. When Fevicol, All Fix and Feviquick will fail you, there is still M Seal left to try.

M Seal is an epoxy putty I have adopted as a life saver (no less). Once you have mixed the two components together to activate it, you can use it to bind just about anything that would otherwise refuse to stay put. Leaky pipes, broken curtain rods, shelves that won't stay put...nothing seems impossible for that mighty putty.

In the case of my lamp, I made a putty patty (try pronouncing that without giggling) and placed it on top of the crack. I then stretched the edges to make them thin enough to not show too much through the paint job. M Seal dries completely in a couple of hours and becomes hard. To be on the safe side, I let it air for 24 hours before painting over it.

In the meantime, I washed the lampshade and painted all the other pebbles. My decor having a lot of blue, it only felt logical to pain the stand in pretty shades of blue as well. I did each pepples with two layers of artist's acrylic paint using silver paint to do over the two white pebbles. In order to bring some contrast.
Like it was the case on the original lamp, I kept the darker shade of blue for the base pebble.

The lampshade had a lot of stains, both from the glue job and from insects deciding to commit suicide on it. I didn't want to paint it too darkroom though. Because, at night, this lamp is one of the two low light source we have to light the living room (we don't do bright lights...for the sake of my insomnia problems).

I decided to paint the top and bottom borders black to hide the worst of the glue gone wrong. And because the poor shade was a bit deformed, it has a bit of an uneven finish. Finish that makes the lamp look delightfully home made.
To mask the insect splatters, I decided to just paint big golden polka dots all around. I used Fabric paint for both the border and the dots in hope it will survive the unavoidable future washes it will have to go through.

Once again, I saved the lamp from the bin. Once again it looks fresh. Once again does it belong to my decor. And, once again, I amazed DH with my mad skills as he once again thought that this poor lamp was a lost cause not worth saving.

I settled for the title of Jigsaw Puzzle Queen the last time it broke. This time around, you shall call me the Lamp Goddess...no less.

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  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I was wondering. Why don't you have an exhibition of your art works say in Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai?? I will be most wonderful.


    1. Maybe one day :-)

    2. Anonymous9:18 AM

      I liked all your works except the "dupatta" thing. It was a disgrace to ancient Indian culture LOL. Thank god, you stopped at dupatta and did not try your hand at sari. That would have been blasphemous LOL. What next, sari curtains perhaps.

    3. Saree curtains do exist. I haven't done it, but I know some Indian ladies that did. Along with turning said sarees into cushion covers. A piece of fabric only carries the title you want it to bear, they all start as just a length of fabric stright from the loom.


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