Notebook Crazy

12:09 PM

Hi, my name is Cyn, I am a notebook addict and I feel no guilt about it

By now, you probably know that I have a little notebook which I have called my external drive or brain dump in the past. The very one I dump my overload of information into when I plan on a good night sleep.

But, my thing for notebooks goes further than that. You see, I have more than one. I call it being organised, which is probably true anyway.
I LOVE notebooks, always have. They are pretty, and you can write all sorts of things in them. They are travel friendly, and I often just grab one and put it in my purse when I go out. As teenager, I was that dorky girl who liked to go to the library and bookstore on weekends. But, I also always ended up at the stationary shop. I can't tell you how much of my pocket money went into pretty pens, coloured ink, and diaries to write in.

I started writing in a journal when I was 12, and I still do till date. My first Journal was a pink Sanrio Diary with Ballet Shoes on the cover and pink, blue and green pages in it (still in my mom's basement that I know off). It was followed with many more, always selected with the utmost care. I lost a few over the years though, but that is another story.
Pages of blank paper have always attracted me, there is something magic about them. The excitement of opening a new book is unmatchable and I find every excuse to buy a new one.

In the picture above you have my little black book/brain dump on top. This is the one in which I write random things, websites I want to visits, ideas for craft projects, quick recipes I didn't feel like printing and phone numbers worth having.
Right below it, you have a green bound notebook. It is my Gratitude Diary. I also keep a day planner, which has all my to do lists, appointments, special dates, events and blog planning (it is the pretty book with a house printed on the cover).
And, because all this is not enough, I have one 5 topics spiral bound notebook that has all my goals divided in section and blog ideas (the red one). The green spiral bound one used to be a lot thicker, it was my blog post draft book and each time I published something, I tore the page away in an effort to not have a clutters filled book. Once I am done with it, the red spiral book will double as a draft book as I left the last section for that purpose.
The big embossed red bound book is my current journal, what goes in there is extremely personal but some of it gives me blog post ideas as well.

Not in the picture above, I still have a notebook full of recipes in the kitchen, and a sketch book in my bedroom, which is willed with drawings, doodles and magazine clippings I didn't feel like parting with because they inspire me.

This is it for now, but I have a couple of ideas for the future that might involve more notebooks. I really can't keep away from them.

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  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    That's a hell of a lot of note books. Its scary, it reminds me of my school notebooks. I remember my father bringing home notebooks and books for the new academic session each year once I got promoted to the higher grade. They came with covers with the printed logo of the school. New notebooks and books have distinct sweet smell. I used to read all the stories of english and hindi books as I was fond of reading and maintain as much distance from the maths books. I have a entirely a different reaction to notebooks and diaries. It reminds me of studies and school. I do envy people who fill notebooks with beautiful handwriting. I would be too embarrassed to put my thoughts in a diary, plus I have a bad handwriting. I will probably tire myself if I try to write. Typing is easy. I can type as I think. So, I guess your blog serves as a diary to me and I can also talk to you.

    My wife maintains a diary for monthly expenses. She painstakingly writes down all the expenses under different heads and makes different envelopes for different expenses and ticks them. She has been doing it ever since we got married and uptil now filled several diaries. Like a diligent accountant, she is proud of them.


    1. My blog is my public writing outlet. I don't have the prettiest handwriting in the world,far from it, but writing is a therapeutic activity. My personal journal is something nobody but me will ever read so I don't mind my handwriting in there.

      I used to keep an account book growing up, my parent made me when I turned 10, they wanted me to learn to keep track of my allowances and how I spent them. There was no pressure as to how I chose to spend my pocket money, I just knew I was responsible for certain expenditures and that once I ran out of my monthly allowance none would come until the next month. I was responsible for my candies, magazines, and non essential fashion fix then, if I wanted a pair of super fashionable branded shoes that cost a bomb, I had the choice of blowing it all on junk food snacks or saving some of that money every months until I could buy the costly shoes. My parents were still buying my seasonal essential basic clothes, if I wasn't happy with that, it was up to me to figure out how to buy hipper stuff on my own. I loved the lesson I learned with that account book :-)

  2. Geez, I wish I was as organized as you.
    My brain goes in 7 different directions at once, constantly
    Currently I have 5 notebooks & 3 huge stacks of paper with notes scribbled on them on my desk. (And to make things worse I have 2 desks.)

    1. Brain going in 7 directions at once? I do it too, I always have a few things going on in my mind at once. I found the notebooks do help keeping the mental mayhem under some sort of control. I gave up papers long time ago, because they usually end up absolutely everywhere, having my scribbles and doodles and notes in bound books make it appear neater. My husband also has his papers all around, so if we were to both do that we would never ever be able to access the desk in the study :-)

  3. Anonymous3:20 AM

    When you think of how technology driven we are these days, notebooks seem almost old fashioned. Sort of like writing and mailing a letter rather than sending an email. I don't use notebooks or a planner, and my mind goes in a dozen different directions. I tend to scrawl notes on post-it's, and they end up all over the place once they lose their stickiness. I use the calendar on my iPhone, but half the time I can't find the appointments I put in it. I think using notebooks also the brain to sort of slow down a little. �� Susan

    1. I gave up on Google Calendar and Apple Calendar almost immediately after having found them, because the instant I go on the phone or the iPad, my mind start racing and there is a lets just check the email, Google about something, reply to a friend on FB that gets in the way and then I switch it off without having checked the calendar I came to look at in the first place...epic fail.

      I have a wall calendar in the kitchen to write down school stuff and birthday parties we need to attend, then my day planner to write additional infos and add all the other things that would not fit on the calendar. When I check these, I only check these because there is no possible distraction opening my day planner :-)

      I think notebooks do indeed forces our brain to slow down a little, and that is a good thing. As much as technology is a wonderful thing, I think it is all making us a bit ADD-ish. I constantly have a million thoughts and ideas and things on my mind, with distractions around I am only going to take more of a load before I got to tackle anything. As much as I love my computer and iPad...darn they can be evil for my personal productivity.


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