How to start a Great Day

7:47 AM

Start your day by sitting in your favourite spot with your favourite tea, in your favourite cup.

Today, I am going to let you in on my little secret on how to have a great day. Or at least pave the way to one that will not send you on a mad search for a brick wall and a bottle of wine. It works most of the time, and it is tried, tested and Cyn approved (I bet you smiled already).

You see, a great day depends widely on how you choose to feel to begin with. But to really set yourself to feel happy and positive inside, you need to start the day the right way.

We all have crazy hectic lives, deadlines, filled planners, duties, meetings, plans, and obligations. This is part of life and there is no escaping it.
BUT...there is a way of delaying their impact on us, or rather a way to ease ourselves into it. Trust me, there is.

This is how it goes for me, feel free to follow :

1) Start the night before. And, it is not what you think. I don't make sure to go to bed happy, perky and without holding a grudge against something. Because that would be unrealistic. Beside sleeping it off usually does the trick.
Nope, what I start the night before is cleaning the kitchen.
You read it right. I'm not joking, I really do. Nothing deep and tiring of course, but I make sure the kitchen counter is free of clutter and dirt and the dirty dishes left to wash are piled in the sink. It is that simple.

Clutter makes me unhappy, therefore clutter must go before I wake up to it

2) I make myself a cup of tea. It doesn't have to be tea if you hate it, but it has to be your favourite morning brew. AND, it has to be in your favourite cup. This part is very important. It has been unscientifically proven that tea taste better if it is served in your favourite cup. Do not skip this crucial detail.

3) Have a favourite spot to drink your tea. I myself have two, because there is no such thing as too many favourite spots. I either drink it in my favourite chair on the balcony, or at the desk in the study. In the study, because the morning light looks great there.

4) I never start the day reading the paper. NEVER
The paper is full of drama, bad news, and stories that could sour my day before it has started. I refuse to start my day that way.
I read, of course I do, because this is the best complement to a cup of tea. But I catch the more personal type of news. I check my Facebook feed if you must know. I am guaranteed to see a funny video, a cute picture or read a good new from a friend there.

Given the choice, would you rather read about a bomb blast first thing in the morning, or read that your best friend landed her dream job, or has been prounounced cancer free?...My point exactly.

I read the paper much later in my day, if at all on particuarly busy days. Death, terror and corruption will still be there at 1pm, I don't see why I should bother about them at but no thanks.

5) I give myself the time to wake up. And, by waking up I mean mentally. Being physically up doesn't count. It takes me a little while longer to be functional and I do not rush myself into starting things earlier than they should just because I happen to be up early. My sanity matters.

6) I delegate. No medals or trophies were ever given to the mother and wife who sacrificed it all. I'll never have more than one pair of arms and incidentally both my husband and daughter have been blessed with the same attributes. Therefore, my husband walks the dog, makes his own tea while my daughter knows where to find her glass of juice and bottle of yakult. I'll help her with her milk, that is about it until I am ready to make breakfast. Her mess is not my problem either. She has to clean it while I do my own bit.

7) I take time to talk to my husband. Thanks to our hectic lives, there might be days I see him only at about the time I am ready for bed. A time at which neither I nor him really feel like chit chatting, so I do it before he leaves for office in the morning. And because I chose not to burden myself with ALL the work, I actually can do just that.

Once I completed all these, and only after this am I ready to tackle the rest of the day, happy, and energised. And because I filled myself with positivity, the rest of the day rarely sucks.
Don't get me wrong, I am still dead beat and happy to see the end of the day, but I rarely have a horrendously atrocious day following this simple checklist.

And, just to clarify before I conclude, I have done it, even when I was working out of the home. I've applied the same philosophy all my adult life. At time there was no Facebook, people to delegate to or a husband. But I still made sure to drink tea, take my time to wake up and leave the newspaper alone u til my syndicate coffee break at work.

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  1. Thanks for the Tips!!! made some points

    1. You're welcome :-)
      Wish ogling you a great day.

  2. A good post on a topic most of us take for granted.

    The point you make about having your favourite brew, in your favourite cup, in your favourite place is nice. I used to do that while I was in college. But now I don't take time to relax at the start of the day. I think I must. Thanks for reminding me.

    What you say about newspapers is a good feedback, as I am a journalist, and have some role in deciding what people get to read the next morning. Completely agree with you, that a good majority of news articles are negative.

    Unfortunately, by the classical definition of news, only when something goes wrong or someone tells something unusual it becomes news. For example, train departing on time is no news. But when it has not, leaving people in the lurch, it becomes news. At the same time, journalists agree that old definition has to change. And what is positive is also news. So, we need to balance negative news with the lot of positive things that happen around us. And, to the extent possible we do it.

    By the way, today, even if you don't read newspaper (not even later in the day), you might not miss out on anything, as everything that newspapers offer, is accessible in multiple ways around the clock, and you get much more than what newspapers can give you.

    1. I think a lot of people actually seek bad news report, or gossip. It is human nature, it helps people gauge their own lives. Reading about something bad that happened somewhere makes people feel better about their own lives deep down, or make them feel "involved" without getting too wet and dirty in the process.
      I think in a way it is easier getting upset and outraged at something that happened far away than getting any emotions about something that could actually affect us.

      And you are right, it is harder to miss an important news event even if you don't read the paper these days.
      Back in Switzerland, I never bought the paper. My boss had one lying around at the work place and we would usually go through it by 10am when our coffee break came, and we had the national radio station on in the workshop the whole day, so we would get the hourly bulletin. By then end of my work day I was fairly informed and free to check the Internet for more detail on a story that caught my attention.

      The first hour or so of the morning is mine though, always has been. I think we should all have that little breather between waking up and tackling the day.

  3. the night before, I always wash the dishes and then I make my next-day to-do list. Then I wake up fresh to a clean sink, and my day organized! The first thing I do is open my windows and take in the view and the weather. I make breakfast and have it with my daughter. Only after breakfast do I check my messages, as I need caffeine to deal with it! LOL

    1. I like the idea to start the day organized. I usually finish all unfinished business the night before and have all the things to do put in my planner for each day.


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