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10:33 AM

When you buy a pretty spiral notebook, fill it and no longer need the content, it seems just about criminal to just throw that pretty cover away.
I have the habit of ripping the pages I no longer need in my spiral bound books, and eventually, end up with no pages left.

That green book used to contain my blog post drafts and ideas. I used to lug it to the coffee shop to write while Ishita had her gymnastics class. It looked pretty, smart and very inviting to write in. I loved that notebook...a lot.

"Hello, my name is Cyn and I am a notebook addict"

The solution to pretty notebooks covers are to turn them into something else. Here, I turned mine into a frame.

I had an old pretty greeting card I meant to turn into wall art for a while that turned out to be perfect for that project. I used some 3D glitter glue (yes, I am a glitter glue addict too...don't judge), and a gold pen. I ended up using pink gem stickers as well. It was an after thought mid way through the project...I do that a lot.

convert a notebook cover into a photo frame

The whole thing was fairly simple. I pasted the card on one side andfound a great quote to write on the other. Then I embellished the whole thing with glitter glue and stick on gems.

I then pasted the frame to the wall with double sided tape and voila! It is part of my gallery wall in the study, which I will once feature, I promise.

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Happy Navaratras to you and family. May goddess durga bless you with strength and prosperity. This is a poem on the beauty and power of goddess durga.

  2. Very thought provoking, enjoyed reading,
    Have a wonderful Diwali,

  3. Very thought provoking, enjoyed reading,
    Have a wonderful Diwali,


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