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2:59 PM

the little pleasure of walking barefoot in the grass

I had plans today. A whole list of things to do, write, clean, and buy, not to mention cook. Then, life caught up. Not in a unexpected way. No big major changes. It just got busier than I estimated it to be and a cumulation of small things made me come back to my senses.

I've been busy this past weekend, I have a play date at my place this week, there has been a few too many things to clean, I made plans to cook a few too many complicated dishes and decided to throw in a few blog posts that required more work. And then I realised I had quite a few errands to run today.

Out of the two blog posts I had planned, one had the picture ready but no written content that could hold any ground. That coupled with a writer's block from hell that prevented me from drafting anything Remotely satisfying. I would have swapped it with another post. A post that is more pictures than text, but none of the many photos have been edited or even uploaded to the computer just yet.
For a moment, I felt tempted to just squeeze out as much writing out of me as I could to get over that nasty writer's block. And then, I realised I knew far better than that.

What would have been the point of obsessing about dinner, plan the baking for the day ahead and eat a quick hasty lunch between two errand runs and a blog post that would definitely not be up to par? And that is without factoring in my responsibilities as a parent.
I've always been the one to go for simplicity whenenever possible and suddenly this urge of over performing on too many fronts lurked from the shadows.

Gone the fancy plan of making roasted eggplant wraps for dinner. We will do just as well on sandwiches, fresh fruits and a salad. Down the drain the whole blog post planning. Blogging should be fun, not a constraint.
If today has to be about cat liter sand and munchies shopping, then be it. I'll do that one nice. And guess what? It's been great.
As I am writing this, I completed half of my errands, and am waiting for my daughter to come back from school to run the other part. I made myself a nice salad for lunch, and watched last night's Downton Abbey episode before deciding to write about the bliss that it is to throw the daily planner out of the window.

It is way too easy to stress yourself out trying to meet every single deadlines coming your way. And, there are too many of these you can't really get out of in life. So, the wise thing is to at least kill the ones you issued yourself for no good reason whatsoever. It is too easy to put everybody before yourself, until you realise, often too late that you are a "somebody" that matters as much if not more than all the other you placed on a pedestal or VIP list. A list said people had no idea they were on to begin with.
Yes it is easy to burn yourself out completely. And quite unnecessary at that too.

I usually love by that philosophy of treating yourself with respect first. But then at time, I need a reminder. Today, was such a day. And while I could not leave the blog without an update, I figure out I was better off pouring my heart of in a spontaneous post rather than force myself in a planned post that refused to be born in the first place.


  1. Watching Downton Abbey too.
    Love the clothing but finding the story line a bit predictable.
    Fabulous performances by Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, & Elizabeth McGovern.
    Sigh, this time of year my schedule is determined by 'load shedding'.
    Some days we have only 4 hours of electricity some days we have 6. Maybe.
    And intermittent thunder showers that may knock the power out indefinitely.

    1. Yep the story line is predictable, but it still makes for a great show to watch, and Maggie Smith's performance as the Dowager is absolutely stellar. But then she is an outstanding actress to begin with. The show has many actors that performs amazingly. I don't think the show would have been as catchy without that.

      I record the show every night and watch it the next day when I have time, and fortunTely we don't have load shedding a in Mumbai, but I remember them in Bangalore, this was really taxing.

    2. Anonymous11:13 AM

      Since your are a blogger and a stay at home mother, it must be really hard on you. I sometimes feel that any creative job writing, painting, acting etc. takes a part of you leaving you a little depleted all the time. I guess it is the same with bloggers, thinking about new topics, trying to sort out ideas etc. Just like a photographer constantly looks for subjects to click just waiting for the right moment to click, a blogger also subconsciously looks for interesting things "Oh, this sounds interesting, hmmm...... a good subject for my next post". This is ofcourse my theory. Thus, the mind keeps ticking like the processor of computer. Just like the battery of a smartphone start dipping after you serf the net for sometime, I guess body and mind also start slowing down. Then, there is the hum drum of normal life to look after. I am always fascinated by the creative process and the way creative people manage their time log on and log off. It requires some special skills to do so.


  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    happy holi to you and family.


  3. Sometimes it is nice to just relax and do nothing with no plans at all. I think we women feel pressure to be constantly doing something. It is worse after having kids because we rarely get free time, so it's like we have to jam pack everything in.

    1. There always seem to be pressure on women to over perform on absolutely every front. A man can come home at the end of a mad day of running around and call take out dinner, yet women that did as much will be questioned if they do.

      Many of my friends are amazed at my taking executive decision of calling Sandwiches dinner, because they wish they could but are afraid of what their in-laws or husband will think.


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