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Summer is back

12:45 PM

Sorry for the lack of India in pictures these past two Sundays. You see Summer has made a come back right on time for Holi, and we've been sweating away for a week now. True to Mumbai's weather, things change overnight, so the sudden heat wave floored us all. With the Mercury rising came the acute bouts of laziness and desire to just drown in a pool of ice water.

The only one still remotely happy is my cat. She still enjoy her morning sunbathing sessions. My dog has already made a move for the cool marble floor while Mittens still hasn't pronounced the sofa intolerable.


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Summer may be back in Mumbai but winter does not want to leave Delhi. It is raining like monsoon. The unseasonal and hailstorm has destroyed crops in north india. Chilly winds and rain. Freaky weather which has caught everyone off guard.


    1. Ouch! Sorry to hear that.
      We had some freak rains the weekend before Holi. It rained almost non stop all weekend long, then we had a warm week and a heat wave hitting us the day after Holi and has pretty much been going on steady all last week, it is now somewhat temperate again but humid, which is expected in the Summer in Mumbai. From now on the humidity levels will start climbing up steadily.


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