The pj pants bolster pillow

2:16 PM

It's official, my dog finally decided to leave all throw cushions alone after a long 8 years war against them. She has paid zero attention to the orange refurbished ones, no longer really care about the purple one either and is content with the old lumpy guest no longer pillow we left for her.

Because of this, we can now enjoy the sofa with some added comfort and are already talking of adding more. But, before breaking the bank on any soft furnishings, I decided to continue working with what I had on hand.
I had quite a lot of stuffing left from my previous cushion rescue project, and an old pair of pj pants that could no longer be worn.
I loved these pants, I had them for 4 years, during which they kept me comfy and warm on cold Winter nights. Parting with them was hard, but thankfully, I didn't have to really mourn them forever. I saw the potential for a new life. And so, they became a nice mini bolster pillow.

One leg was totally torn and beyond any use for that project. The other was looking good, and all I had to do was cut a length in that leg to make my pillow.

I quickly ironed the cut leg before going any further. Then, I took some thread and a needle to close one end of the leg, like this :

This is a very simple stitch, that will allow you to close the end of the fabric sleeve into a neat little purse like looking bundle. And, because the fabric has a checked pattern, it was really easy to keep going straight. all I had to do was follow one of the line in the pattern.

Once you went all around the sleeve with the stich, simply pull the two extremities of the thread and tie together. I ended up redoing that end once I was done stuffing my pillow. I'll come back to that later though.

Once you have one end stitched close, you can start stuffing your trouser leg with poly fill cotton. In my case, this was the leftover material from an old cushion that got repurposed. For that reason, I took a bit more time fluffing it up than it would with brand new filling. Once my pillow was completely stuffed, I did the exact same easy draw string stitch on the other end to completely close and shape my bolster pillow.

This is where I realised I wanted bigger "rosettes" on both sides. The first stitched end was not cutting it and I opened the stitch again to redo it with more fabric left at the end.

How you finish the end of a bolster pillow is entirely your choice. There are no right or wrong ways. Some like to cut the rosette as close to the stitch as possible and then cover with a panel of fabric to hide it. Some use upholstered buttons, while others like to cover the purse stitch area with a big tassel. In my upholstery career, I did all of them and they all look great in their own special way.
For this bolster, I wanted simplicity, so I left more fabric in the rosette and used a little bit of black string I had leftover in my drawer to make pretty and simple bows on each side.

I might no longer have the comfort of my old favourite pj in the Winter. But, they are now making the sofa a bit cozier, so not all is lost.

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  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    happy holi to you and family.


    1. Thank you, happy Holi to you too. We are celebrating tomorrow in Mumbai, I am waiting for Ishita to come back to school to go buy gulal and water guns for us to play with at a friend's place :-)

    2. Anonymous4:21 PM

      My son came back with colours in his hair and ears, showed his hands to mummy and said "colours". It is rather chilly these days, it seems that winter does not want to go away. This just such a dampener as far as holy is concerned. Half of the children won't play because they have exams and you don't want to be ill. Holi is such a paradoxical festival. It comes at a time when the weather is probably at its best but as a student you have little time to enjoy because March is also the time of exams and if the dreaded Board's exam is infront of you then you had it. By the time of get out of academics, the enthusiasm wanes. Then there is office, children's school and what not worrying you.

      BTW have you head about "laatmaar holi". The men of Krishna's village go to Radha's village where the women hit them with sticks, thus the word laatmaar (hit with sticks). The men carry shields and wear turbans for protection. There is some legend behind it. A full fledge display of female power.

      Not just festival but a way of life, how wonderful.


    3. The weather has been really weird over here too, we had a heat wave two weeks ago, and then it got cool again, and last weekend it was raining, not just an odd shower, we had constant rain all of Saturday and still a lot of showers on Sunday all through Monday morning, and now it is "cold" again. Thankfully the days are warm enough, so tomorrow we will be able to play holi without fear of catching a cold.

  2. That is SUCH a good idea, I just might do this with a few things I have that were about to be trash!

    1. This is a really simple project that can be done in under an hour and requires very basic sewing skills. And cost almost nothing if you recycle old things that would indeed just go in the trash otherwise. Plus it is very comfy. I love my bolster pillow to watch TV :-)

  3. Anonymous1:03 AM

    What type of stuffing did you use?

    1. I used the synthetic stuffing of an old worn out cushion I had lying around. I'm all for reusing things if I can, that cushion was dead. All I had to do was refluff the stuffing before stuffing the bolster with it.


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