Black and Gold Vase

1:08 PM

a square vase with black painted stripes and washi tape gold stripes.

There is nothing like painting your own glasses, jars and vase to add oomph to your decor, and on a budget.
I have done it quite a lot over the years and always with success.

This week, I decided to give a make over to a nice but rather dull square vase I got free with a bouquet of flowers. It was sitting in the study in all it's plain glory with a candle inside all winter long. The candle got dirty, and the return of the ceiling fan made it fairly useless. So much so I repurposed it as a container to dump data cables (which we seem to have no shortage of). To make my new wire dump attractive, I decided to pain it.
Where it differs from my other projects, is that this one, had a few glitches along the way. And the end product is not what I had all in mind when I started.

My idea was for once to do something that didn't involve 3D glitter glue (a far stretch for the addict that I am). So, I decided to use acrylic paint to do the job.

My plan was to paint stripes in gold and black paint. And to get straight and even stripes, the best way is to use masking tape to prep the surface. I used a roll of washi tape I don't use often do do this since I didn't have any regular masking tape around at this time. As long as it is paper based and comes off without leaving ugly mark you are good. Because, yes the tape will come off in the end.

I then painted my stripes in the area left without tape and let it dry. To ensure a proper coverage, I painted two layers, just as I normally do (the first layer always act as a primer).
This is where the initial project went wrong. Both the gold and black paint came from the same brand, but behaved very differently.
When the time came to remove the masking tape and reveal pretty stripes, the black paint stayed on the glass but the gold one stayed stuck to the tape. It lifted of the glass like a stripe of plastic and all my pretty gold work was gone!

Instead of trying to repaint something that was likely to come off all over again, I decided to try something else. And, fortunately, I had a roll of gold washi tape that came to the rescue. I used the tape to replace my paint stripes. And, because it looked a bit duller, I decided that 3D glitter glue is after all not something I can do without. I edged all the stripes with gold and black liner and averted a disaster of a project.

It now sits nicely on my desk, holds my mess of wire and while I was taking pictures, my cat got jeallous of all the attention this thing was getting so she photo bombed my pictures :

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