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9:15 PM

My friend and fellow blogger Alexandra is running a very special serie every Saturdays on her blog "Madh Mama". It features couples who are in any sort of intercultural relationship, not just from India.

She gets us all to answer a couple of questions about our relationship and the challenges we face. This Saturday, it was my turn. Go have a look and learn everything you wanted to know about my relationship with DH (well almost...).

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  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    You look really nice in Desi clothes. I liked that sleeveless kurti. I have seen u in all kurta salwar saree and even lehenga. Except long dress. At least for Diwali or weddings do try out the new floor length anarkali/gowns. They're very similar to the gown available in the west not like those previous anarkalis but of course they come with various degrees of bling. There are even subtle ones for those who abhor bling. I got myself a magenta gown with a nice gold border on the neckline. Try it. You will look gorgee:-). I mean festivals or weddings are the only times many of us feel like getting decked up. :). Western we wear it all year anyways.

    1. Thank you :-)
      Well I tried Anarkalis in the store because I like them, but, they don't look super flattering on my body. I have an average height, with a strong heavy bone structure and an hourglass figure, and the long Anarkali completely dwarf me, and make me look very boxy. The shorter Anarkali look a bit better than the long ones on me. Over the years I found that the best type of ethnic wear for my figure is the one with churidars, preferably stretch and a mid-length kurta or Anarkali. Longer kurti and salwars or even patiala salwar make me appear much heavier than I am.
      Sarees are flattering because the pallu section cut the straight line of the bottom and accentuate the waist.

    2. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Your can put your family pic on the your blog the one in which your are sitting on the sofa with your husband and Ishita. The pic looks very cute. Your present pic on the blog is good but the first time I saw it, I felt that you looked like the hippies which visited India in 1960s and 1970s with you long flowing hair. I wonder why this thought crossed my mind.

      I almost felt that you will leap out of the computer screen and singh "Dam Maro Dam" like what Zeenat Aman did in the following song


      I hope you are not offended but this crazy thought did come into my mind.


    3. I made the choice to leave my family out of the blog header :-) it is my blog, and while they are mentioned very regularly in it, I don't think it would be fair to have my husband and daughter plastered on the header, and my business cards for all to see all the time.

      I find then hippie thing funny :-) truth is I never liked having my hair tied up. I have to when it becomes so hot, and when I work out, but I don't like it. I feel "naked" with my hair pulled up. It might sound silly but feeling the weight of my hair on my shoulder or them brushing my face makes me feel secure. I wore them much much shorter on occasion in the past, and I always felt a bit odd about it, even though it was my choice. Years of experimenting with said hair and I figured out I am at my comfortable best with long ones :-)


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