Summer cooler : Musk Melon Juice

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a healthy Summer drink.

One of the biggest danger in hot climates is dehydration. With each drops of sweat goes both water and minerals. Which leaves you energy less.
And I don't know about you, but I tend to feel seriously less hungry than usual. A thing which of course isn't so great when you sweat buckets and loose more than just water through your pores.

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural options that will both quench your thirst and re-energise you. The good old Indian "Aam pana" (raw mango water) is one option. Then there are all the various vegetable and fruit juices you can blitz in a blender or juicer, or even homemade iced tea.

Today, I will share one of my favourite Summer drink, which is not only healthy but also super easy to make.

Musk Melon Juice

Those living in the US might know the fruit in question under the name "Cantaloupe". Musk Melon is the name the fruit has in India. But truth be told, this thirst quencher can be made with just about any melon you want. The beauty of it, is that it has only two ingredients and minimal processing.
All you need is one ripe melon, a thumb length of fresh ginger and a regular mixie/blender. Scoop the flesh out of your melon in the blender, grate the ginger and blitz away until you have a nice purée. That's it! Your juice is ready.
One musk melon makes two glasses of juice that is full of flavour, water and fiber, without having to add anything else to it, and certainly not sugar.
As the temperature soars, this drink makes Summer that much more bearable and survivable.

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  1. Cantaloupes are known as musk melons in the southern & eastern US also. Not sure why. I remember a distant cousin from NYC came to visit us in California & wanted to see the 'musk melon trees'. He was a bit shocked when we showed him the cantaloupe vines trailing on the ground.
    I bet that puree/juice would make great popsicles too.

    1. Oh this is a good idea! I have to try turning that into Popsicles now!

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I've been meaning to ask you. Do u gave that insert/stick blender used to puree food? I'm planning to buy one since we do a lot of chutneys and sauces and every time trying to puree tomatoes and onions in that tiny mixie jar isn't very ideal. Which brand do u have? I saw the morphyrichards one on flipkart but my family don't like it and asked me to wait for the Usha brand which will be launching one soon.

    1. I have the morphs Richards one but I use it for soups mostly. The food needs to be really soft and cut finely for the stick blender to work its magic. For chutneys that involve hard bits it won't work well. And for onion and garlic paste, you could spend a lot more time on it than in the mixie. Plus you'd have to cut your onions quite finely for them to pass through the suction holes and into the blade. I usually use the big cup on my mixie to do all the chutney and pastes. I reserve the smaller one for dry powders.
      The power of the stick blender lies in mashing hot semi l'equivalent into a smooth paste, because it would be dangerous to shove these hot mix into a mixie (I burned myself one doing so when it exploded all over the place). In continental cuisine it is used to blend sauces, soups and smoothies more than it is used to do anything else. They usually pack about 400w so they are not a super powerful grinder by all means.

    2. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Have your tried these cold drinks. This is a juice of a fruit called Bel also known as wood apple. It is one of the most famous drinks for summer. It is refreshing and mildly sweet.

      This is another cool drink made of poppy seeds.

      Alternatively, the poppy paste can be made into delicious fried pakoras or mixed with potato or lauki as a sabzi.

      This is my favourite, fritters made of poppy seeds

      poppy seeds are actually wonderful to eat mixed with different vegetables or fried. Bengalis are very creative with poppy seeds but they are hardly used in north indian cuisine. You must try it sometimes, it an amazingly versatile food which could be used in different combinations.

      This is another cool drink made of khus, which was used by the royalty.

      Have you tried thandai with almonds??



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