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Taking a long weekend break

8:59 AM

This week has more days off than it had school days. We had Mahavir Jayanti on Thursday (wasn't off for DH though), then Good Friday, and now the usual weekend break.

When that happens, I usually blog less and enjoy family time.

On Friday morning, we decided to head to the beach before it got too scorching hot. Aksa beach is as quiet, clean and pleasant as always and we had a great time.

Then we just at home in the afternoon. Only to get out again in the evening to do some shopping at the mall.
The two pictures above have the distinction of being the last pictures I took with my old smartphone. The last that phone will probably ever take.

After 2 years 4 months, my good old HTC desire C hinted at a near death and we decided to replace it. My cat killed a few pixel on it, I broke the screen, it was slow, and started just launching apps on its own, or putting me on airplane mode without me doing anything.
Heck it even did make a few calls on my behalf without me touching it. That is when it was not switching itself off without being out of battery.
Safe to say that phone was no longer reliable enough.
So I updated it for another HTC (because I really got to like that brand) and am now in procession of a new model with a much better camera (this was the feature I would not compromise on).

As I write this, I have a French play date coming, and a bunch of usual weekends errands.

Wishing a Happy Easter to all of you that celebrates it.


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The beach looks beautiful! Ishita is getting so big, too. Hope you have a great weekend, Susan

  2. This is our favourite beach in Mumbai, it is clean and not crowded in the morning.

  3. Anonymous9:50 PM

    We went to Agra, just returned. When we left for Agra, the train was five hours late so we reached at 3.00 AM in the morning instead of 10.00 PM the previous night. Anyhow, taj was magnificent as usual, it is just surreal as if someone just placed it perfectly. There is something divine about that building.

    The red sandstone building of Fatehpur Sikri were so intricately carved and with such geometric precision. One can only marvel at the craftsmanship. The only problem is the heat. One has to cross those huge courtyards in the sun. You are tired and cannot really enjoy the tour. Winters are perhaps the right time. It rained for sometime though causing humidity. Must say mughals were hardy people to walk those huge courtyards. Got those typical taj photos clicked, the ones with different poses,what the heck. The next wonderful thing was the peta. The whole town seems to make it. Kesar peta, chocolate peta, white peta, the varieties are endless and ofcourse snacks and gujjias fresh made of desi ghee, makes you wonder what crap is sold in Delhi.

    BTW you guys could have headed to Shirdi Sai Baba this weekend. Just the right weather though I think summers are already setting in in Mumbai.


    1. The Summer is fully settled in Mumbai and Maharashtra. It becomes unbearable outside after 10am and until 5-6pm. On the coast we have the insane humidity to go with the heat, and inside the state they have scorching dry heat thT climbs even higher.

      I think in big cities they don't bother much with quality chaats and sweets. People are too much in a hurry to really appreciate these and could not tell the difference between an awsome one and a blah one. It is the same in Mumbai, we get the quick fix without the subtelties that make them special elsewhere.


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