Dear Summer...

1:06 PM

Dear Summer,

You once again exceeded your welcome. Not that you were ever truely so in Mumbai. It might actually come as a shock to you, but we don't particularly like you over here. In fact, if you care for some cold hard truth, we are close to feeling genuine hate at the mere mention of your name.

We dread you, long before you decide to crash our party. We only really tolerate your intrusion because of the mangoes you bring. That is however short lived. All the mangoes in the world are not worth what you put us through for nearly 3 months.
You might be a shining star in other latitudes. Here you have as much appeal as a cold harsh Winter in those areas that worship you and celebrate you. What I am trying to say is that you suck.

When did you think it was even normal for people to soak through all their clothing in 5 minutes of just sitting down and doing nothing? Did you realise that we actually rejoice at the idea of 3-4 months of near constant rain? That we go as far as counting the days until the arrival of the monsoon just because it means you will finally leave us? That you make us crazy enough to fantasise about shivering while soaking wet? And that we all are making lists of all the things we can finally do again while celebrating the rain?

No seriously, think about it, think about it hard. How twisted is that? Come on! We favour waterlogged streets, mold and never drying laundry over you. If your weren't so sadistically psychopathic over here, you would get the hint and tone it down.
We end up hating the sight of frilly lightweight kurti, capri, shorts and spaghetti strap tops. And let's not talk about flip flops!
You might argue that we belong to a weird tribe of socks and sweat pants worshipers who dream about long sleeves and long pants. The fact remains that your steaming us to death is plain overkill and abuse.

Yes, Summer, we hate you and we want you out the door. We've had enough of your antics, and we feel that way years after years comes May.
If you haven't noticed already (and you should have done so) there are areas on this planet where people are eager to air their flip flops as much as we want to reconcile with our yoga pants, and steaming cup of teas. There are places were people are sick of cold and gloom (rightfully so, I know, I lived there). So, go and grace them with your warmth and blazing sun.
I can assure we won't mind or even miss you while you do so.

So, take your mangoes, ice cream, cold drinks and high electricity bills with you and leave. No need to even give us any notice...we are past caring about these petty formalities.

Regards, (just because I am polite)
Cyn the Puddle.

P.S your sneaking back on us in October calling yourself "Fall" doesn't fool us either...

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  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I am in north and I complain all day every day. I can just imagine how bad it is in Bombay. The worst part of the day is when maid comes. We have this unspoken agreement, that we wipe all the dust and floors as quick as possible, so fans can be switched on.

    1. The floor sweeping part makes me very moody, I switch the fan back on as soon as the maid left the room because it just take a few seconds of no fan to soak through your t-shirt in that humid he'll that is Mumbai at this time of the year. In May there are days it feels more like I'm drinking the air rather than breathing it. And I never even thought it was possible to sweat in my flip flops before moving there. Not even in Delhi did I have that happen to me!

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Hey Cyn, I totally understand and so glad I'm not there in the summer!! Although it does get hotter in Dubai, everything is centrally air conditioned (which I Love!) There are even bus stops that are enclosed and have air con :-) I do not miss those ceiling fans..but I miss the rain.
    I hope Monsoon comes soon for you soon! Thanks for welcoming me back too :-) chai a cup of life

    1. Central AC sounds like a wonderful idea.
      I don't really care much about the ceiling fans either, I am glad to see them go off in the Winter. The only exception being the one in the bedroom. In over a decade in India I got used to it and the sound it makes, and I find that falling asleep without it is hard.

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      It is roasting hot in Delhi. Earlier, every time the the mercury shot up there was a dust storm to cool things up. It was nature's way of balancing things up. I remember we had atleast three to four dust storms with light rain in May. These days if we have one or two in the entire summer it is a great mercy. Climate change has made summers/winters harsher and longer. Similarly, during monsoons we had light drizzle for days. Now, we have heavy showers for a few hours and no rain for a week. Interestingly, we have more rain in other seasons compared to monsoons. This leads to crop loss due to unseasonable rains leading to suicide by farmers. Suicide by farmers due crop loss is a raging issue now a days in India. Recently, there were rains and hailstorms in north india and it destroyed crops leading to great misery. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telegana and Andhra Pradesh has a massive problem of farmer suicide due to crop loss, indebtness, drought etc. Slowly, we creating conditions were less and less people would be inclined to continue farming. It has now become a political issue.

      About heat, we have dry heat in May and June which can be countered with adequate clothing. However, Mumbai has humid heat throughout the year, and it makes life difficult. You can do many things to keep yourself cool but you can do precious little to keep yourself warm. So, winters I guess are more difficult to tackle than summer. Ofcourse electricity bills are a big problem in summers. In winters electricity bills are less which is great mercy because the government charges income tax from October to February. Imagine if the government decides to charge income tax in summers. The combination of high electricity bills and income tax would be disastrous.


  3. I agree, this weather is absolutely miserable. The feeling of looking at the weather app on your phone when you wake up sweating profusely already to find it says the realfeel temperature is 51 is indescribable. Hang in there, the humidity is only likely to increase but at least the rains should be coming soon, along with all of the yummy goodies that come with it. :)

    1. Good to hear I am not the only one checking the weather app on the phone :-)
      We should have a month of this heat to go if the monsoon reach Mumbai on time.


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