Labour of love

11:58 AM

Exactly a year ago today, I was rescuing our cat from certain death. She was a scrawny 2 months old little thing back then. A bag of bone caked in mud who had lost most of her hair to malnourishment. A tiny creatures surviving on cockroaches and little water in the hottest month of the year. I didn't even care that I had a dog, that I already had my handful and was miserably hot and busy myself. I took her in because that was the only right thing to do. The first ever picture I took of her can be seen in that old blog post.

Now, she looks a bit more like this :

cat and dog sleeping together

The first day I brought her home, she got scared of my dog instantly. I got bitten trying to prevent her from running away from Jasmine. This, of course led to a rabies scare, and whole lot of shots for the whole family.

A year later, the cat is a healthy girl, has all her hair, and is a decent size and weight. She went from feeling out at the mere sight of my do to go cuddle with her during nap time.
She is a typical cat who knows what she wants and has trained us all perfectly to cater to her whims and fancies.
From barely surviving hunting and eating roaches, she went to be a pampered furballs that absolutely needs to have both dry kibbles and canned food on her plate. All the while sampling the dog's food, that goes without saying.

Like all cats, she owns and rules the house that welcomed her in the first place. And, we all love her for it...including Jasmine.

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