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7:30 AM

Once upon a blog, I briefly wrote about my believing in Feng Shui to some extent. I never elaborated on how I generally approached Feng Shui in my daily life though. Because, to be fair, I don't really do spend all my time optimising every areas of my home. I only use cures when there is a ill serious enough to address.

Before I continue, I will state once more that I am aware there is an Indian version called Vaastu. And I am not going to write about it, for I find it complex, and am absolutely not attuned to it the way I am to Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, you use a tool called a bagua to identify the 9 zone of your home. Each zone represent a certain aspect of your life. Where these zone are in your home can be determined using two different methods. The traditional one requires the use of a compass and is linked to the Ch'i flow in your environmement.
The other, simpler and easier to implement is the "Doorway method", it takes into account the fact that Ch'i flows in through your entry door.

In both methods, you'll need the bagua. Which looks like this :

the 9 areas of your life and home

I prefer using the Doorway method when I am applying a Feng Shui cure to my home. With this method, you align the bottom of that grid with the side of your floor plan that has the main entry to your door. You door will therefore be in either the Knowledge, Career or Friend zone and the rest of your home in the remaining 9 areas.

Again, I don't optimise my home in whole, or at all. Unless there is a serious enough reason to do so. And you can find all these solutions on Google. It involves using specific materials, colours and items to facilities the flow of Ch'i in areas that might be clogged.
That said, I observe many basic guidelines in my daily life. Some that have even been proven to affect us in some research.

- First, I go by a firm "No clutter" rule. Clutter block the flow of energy in your home, gather dust, and become unhygienic.
Psychological studies have also shown that visual clutter can put your nervous system in "sensory overload" and increase stress, which in turn affects your whole body, health and wellbeing. Too much stimuli of any kind is stressful. Don't let your home affect you that way.
I try to keep only the things I need, and make sure they all have an appropriate storage solution for them.

"A place for everything and everything in its place" is a very wise moto to have.

- I open my windows often. It is said to ease the flow of Ch'i in your home and flush the bad energy out. Something that has a lot of truth, even if you don't believe in Life energy. It has been proven that in climates that have you live in shut quarter, the air inside your home can become three times more polluted than the outdoor. If you are familiar with the feeling of being in a stuffy environmement, this is why. Opening the windows often let you flush the stale air out and bring in energising fresh air to breathe.

- The best way to feel energised and happy is to be surrounded by positive energy. The best way to feel this positivity in your environmement is to be surrounded by things that soothe you and fee harmonious. Bring in colours to that speak to you in your decor. If you hate certain textures, colours or material, steer clear of them.
It doesn't matter how fashionable they are. The first person that need to be impressed with your home is you and your family. The others do not matter, they don't even live here.

As you noticed, the colour blue in all its hues speaks to me and it is found everywhere in my home. It grounds me, soothe me and makes me feel at peace

To conclude, Feng Shui can be as simple as making sure your home is kept neat, clean and non stressful. It doesn't take much to ensure a good flow of energy in your life. You'll recognise the problem areas of your life better and how to address them if you are a generally balanced and grounded person.

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  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Very thought-provoking post! I've never thought a lot about Feng Shui, but I've heard of it. It makes sense to me, though. I always feel better and more grounded in a clean, clutter-free environment. I like to see outdoors, and I feel better if its a green view rather than an ugly view. I only surround myself with furniture and colors I love, and my husband and I took forever to choose furniture because I wouldnt buy overly formal, heavy pieces. Great post!

    1. I can spend years deciding on a good piece of furniture myself.
      I do much better with greenery around my home as well. I lived in places with ugly views that completely sapped my energy in the past. In Navi Mumbai it was close to the point of depression.

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Feng shui and vastu are like new age fads for those who have money enough to break their bathrooms and kitchen and reconstruct them just to unlock the blocked energies. The common man shudders to break his bathroom considering the cost involved.

    Basically it is what our astrologers and priests have been telling for centuries but then they are blamed for spreading superstition. Astrology also talks about negative and positive energies which can be rectified by wearing stones, colours etc. The same thing when it comes in a repackaged form practiced by elites becomes authentic. You just need to market yourself well. With Indians it is little complex. If you believe a little, you have to go the whole hog. Part of our religious/social conditioning. If it involves your near and dear ones you don't want to take chances.

    Years ago yoga was ridiculed by native Indians as nothing but contractions but ever since it became popular abroad, it became the "in thing". How certain things are authentic and others are bogus shows our inherent bias towards all things indian. Let treat everything at par. Our spiritual practices are all bogus until someone decides to repackaged them and sell it back to us.

    Just like god is a matter of belief so are these things.

    Here, I am questioning the mentality of Indians who are always craving for approval of others.


    1. The only place I saw people tear their bathroom apart was in India and always in the name vaastu. Never heard of people doing it for Feng Shui in Europe or US, probably because doing so not only would cost a fortune for no good reason but involve several inspectors, intention of authorisation and permits to build which makes it not worth it.

      Like in everything, I don't think Feng Shui and Vaastu are fool proof, and they didn't advocate tearing your apartment to bits either. But as said, certain elements have been found to have been proven by science and researches. Feng Shui was also took into account the Earth Magnetic field, something that researchers have now found have an impact on health.

      In the end, though a lot of it, be it Feng Shui, Vaastu, astrology and evil eye depends on how much one believe in it. I am also a firm believer that if one does not believe in something it won't affect them. For me, that is the Evil Eye, I can't believe in it one bit and as a result I am not affected by it at all. But, I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking, and I have achieved great things and had many successes with it. I also believe there is indeed a life force or energy that binds everything, and I find it very interesting that this very notion is present in every religion, under the name of God, the Divine, the supreme being, Allah, Ram, Hannuman, Lakshmi or Jesus, In the end they are all the one and only same thing. Which leads me to think our ancestor were probably more attuned to this vital energy than our present generations.

    2. Anonymous2:50 PM

      These concepts were invented by our ancestors for practical purposes which we have long been forgotten for eg. the worship of cow which is taken in its literal sense. Once the nomadic aryans settled down as agricultural societies, the cow proved to a very useful animal. It provided milk as ready source of nourishment, animals for working in fields, cow dung was used as manure. Cow became important for rural economy. The wealth of a person was assessed in terms of how much cattle he had. Thus, the cow was declared as sacred so that people look after it. Other cultures like the red indians of america, had similar useful animals which were declared sacred due to other reasons.

      Then there plants like Tulsi, trees like Peepal, Banyan etc. which have medicinal properties which made them special and sacred. The same logic was applied to rivers, mountains, forests etc. so that people take care of them as the environment is essential for the the existence of humans.

      Similarly, the concept of evil eye was invented to protect the new born babies from possible infections/mishap when they are in a vulnerable state. This was because in olden days infant mortality was high due to lack of medical facilities. This was ensured by allowing only limited people to come in contact with the infant in the initial days for a specified period say one month or six months after which there is ceremony to start feeding solid food to the child. It also ensured that the mother gets the maximum time with the child and is least disturbed/get the necessary rest. At that time, there were many people to look after children in a joint family, so these things could be followed. Then, myths and fables got inter woven in these concepts. People also added their own prejudices/biases and the initial purpose was forgotten.

      The there is the belief that one should not look at the sun during an eclipse which even science has proved to be right or protect food items which are believed to get spoiled during this time.

      One needs to look at the socio economic conditions which led to these beliefs to understand the practical aspects. Indian being an agricultural country, people were always preparing for the next drought/epidemic/flood etc. More the uncertainty, more beliefs and fables.


    3. On solar eclipse, scientists have not proven the eclipse makes the sun rays more harmful, they have proven that Sun Rays are not to be looked at directly in general. People are less likely to do that when there is no eclipse because the light is too strong for any sane person to gaze directly at the sun, an eclipse dim the light and make that gazing possible which is why it is harmful to the eyes. There is zero scientific evidence that proves the food spoils during an eclipse, or is radiated by harmful rays.

  3. Can you align the baguas so that the main doorway to your home is in the 'fame & recognition' spot?
    Or is the main entrance always supposed to be on the career spot?
    I'm asking because if I place the grid so that our front door is 'fame & recognition' then my husband & I's bedroom falls on the 'love & relationship' spot , & the 'wealth & prosperity' spot falls on our living room, & the boy's bedroom falls on 'family' -it's perfect!

    1. With the doorway method, the front door falls in one of the bottom 3 areas as you need align the 3 other Sides with the rest of the floor plan. In the case of the compass method each zones of the bagua are associated to a direction and you place it to match the orientation of your home.


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