Painted Table Runner

12:44 PM

old dupatta turned into a table runner

This week, I put the other half of that old Dupatta to use. You know, the one I cut in two and which first half alread was turned into a stylish table runner last November.
That dupatta was so wide I could get two of them, and had plans to paint the second panel of fabric all along.

I just didn't have any idea of what I wanted to paint and what colours to use. Summer has taken its toll on me, I have a million ideas in my head but not much left in the energy department to put them into action.

This table runner came as a nice quick and easy project to satisfy my urge to creat without sapping my energy. Between painting the fabric and gluing the fraying edge with fabric paint, we are talking a total of about 45 minutes. And it brought some sort of freshness to my dark, stuffy all shut inside interior.

I started by carefully folding and gluing the fraying edge that runs on one side of the length (from where I cut it in half las November). I could have stitched it of course, but in this heat, this would have driven me to the brink of sanity.
Wait, I might actually already be let's say it probably would have sent me over the edge.

After my fabric glue work was done and dry, I took out the fabric paint I planned to use for that project and a broad flat brush.
Initially I planned to paint some horizontal stripes, but at the last minute, thought broken vertical lines would be more fun. The good thing with this paint is that it dries fairly quickly, so by the time I was done with one colour, the first end would already be dry enough to apply the second colour.

As always, be sure to protect the surface underneat when painting with fabric paint. It only comes off using a solvent once dry.

All in all, it wasn't just a quick project, it was also a cheap one:

- Fabric paint : 20 rupees for each 10ml jars
- Fabric glue : 19 rupees for a tube of 30ml (lots lots of leftover for other projects)
- Paint brush : 80 rupees

In had the Dupatta all along, so no expense there. I still have a little paint in each colour left, plenty of glue, and that flat brush will come handy on future paint project as well.

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  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Oh, the infamous dupatta again. It is beautiful. The rectangular patterns remind me of block printing. Have you ever tried block printing??


    1. I know the concept of block printing, learned about it while doing my Interior decorator apprenticeship. We had to learn all the techniques and material used in the textile industry :-)
      It is also fairly similar to the "potato stamping" we did as kids, both on paper and fabric. It was a very popular painting technique with teachers when I was a kid, because they could just cut out shapes on potatoes that had been cut in half and let us go nut stamping away. Plus the result was so beautiful that it made for worthy Holiday cards or Mother's Day gift.

  2. Those colors are wonderful! I love how your project turned out.

  3. I love this! It looks beautiful against the dark wood of the table

    1. Thank you :-)
      The orange and gold table runner made with the other half of that piece of fabric stand out on the dark wood even better.


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