Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

7:39 AM

Another week ending, another pet picture. This week, I decided to go back in time, sifting through old pictures.
This is 8 weeks old Jasmine back in 2006. Back then she actually loved the rain and never quite understood why we would stay indoors instead of playing on the terrace (I miss that old flat!).

This of course changed over time. Now Jazz will refuse to go pee and poop in the rain. Which during the monsoon in Mumbai is hard to achieve. She once embarassed me by holding her poop the whole wet walk long only to go right smack in front of the lobby once I gave up on her wanting to poop.
We are seeing a lot more clouds passing over Mumbai this week. This means that rain is hopefully not too far away and that we will see Jasmine pulling her old trick again soon.

The cloudiness hasn't made Mumbai bearable so far, the humidity levels are soaring and we feel sticky round the clock.
I am looking forward to cooler days at this point. Because I got the electricity bill for April, and it is not pretty! I am sure the one for May is going to look pretty much the same as well.
The idea to be done with the AC for a couple of month is really it is.

On these wise words, I am wishing you all a great weekend ahead.


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I hope you get some rain soon, Cyn! We also have a high electric bill every month except for December-February. our rainy season is finally here, and I love a good rain storm. Have a good weekend!

    1. We get lower electricity bills during the monsoon, but like you the lowest is in December-February. The highest is April-May.
      In Bangalore we used to have Thunderstorms in Summer, they were refreshing and Inloved watching the lightning. In Mumbai we don't get anything until the arrival of the monsoon :-(

    2. Anonymous8:10 PM

      I just found this interesting video about a french lady speaking in hindi which I want to share with you. She is probably married to an Indian. She sounds fantastic. She has touched upon the essence of being a women and the value of family. Since you are french too, I guess you would sound just like her speaking hindi. I guess even native speakers of Hindi could not have explained the importance of women and family values like her, in hindi. I guess when you speak from heart, things just flow out.


    3. I am nowhere near as fluent as she is. I understand more than I speak. Years spent in Bangalore, Hindi was not necessary, South Indians don't like speaking hindi. DH and I speak English to one another and the Hindi spoken in Mumbai is definitely not pure Hindi at all. You can get away speaking mix of Hindi and English and grammatical form doesn't matter much either.

    4. Anonymous9:21 PM

      What does ishita speak. It's Hindi for her with her class mates, English as medium of instruction and English at home. I think you have taught her french too. Quiet a bewildering mix. I wanted my son to learn bengali but since he has a speech problem we have to settle for Hindi as we were told to keep one language at home for him to keep things simple.

      Mumbai and south indian states are not good places to learn Hindi. Delhi Hindi is not perfect. It's punjabi/Haryana/western up mix. Colourful, rough sounds more like throwing stones at each other but it is grammatically correct Hindi. Hindi is the key to most of india. If u learn to speak and read it u can see india through it. It like a whole knew world. India very different from what we city dwellers think it to be. Unfortunately even Indians do not want to discover this world. Centuries of culture and heritage going down the drain.

      BTw did u understand what the lady said. She used a few sanskrit words too. I specially like when she said never forget your values and that women are beautiful and strong.


    5. Her playschool back in the days nagged both DH and I to only speak English with her. We were doing the one parent one language method that is recommended raising bilingual kids but her teachers said she was not speaking and used all scare tactics in the book to get us to stop, they said French was a useless language, and told my husband Hindi is a language you learn later in school.

      Most kids in Mumbai use English to socialise these days, many even say Hindi is a maid language and won't speak it with people at their social level. I know some schools even flat out refuse to answer to kids who ask questions in anything but English. Very sad thing.

    6. Anonymous7:54 PM

      This emphasis on english was there in my school also thirty years ago but could not keep up with the act for long. They tried to sell the colonial legacy but after sometime Children spoke in Hindi. Nobody cared. Children will always speak the language they are comfortable. Only a small percentage "elites" in india keep on chattering in english even with their children, then they hit a road block and revert back to Hindi.

      Apparently, pets in india only understand english instructions. As it happens in india when you have to show authority use english.

      In our the quality of hindi was managed by Bollywood which at least kept the essence of the language. Now even Bollywood has strange Hindi english mixed dialogues so there is very little to learn. These days nobody is poor in movies like yester years. No unemployment, no old mother or sister to look after. Everyone well fed and well clothed, preferably in new York or London.

      About literature, the giants of indian literature rabindra tagore, premchand wrote about rural life and poverty which I don't think would appeal to today's youth. They prefer aspirational literature of Chetan Bhagat type. Every language in india has produced at least five to six great writer, poets, play rights. We have more than 20 official languages . You can very well imagine the volume of good literature and that excludes books written in sanskrit, persian, urdu, Buddhist texts etc. Some say that if you read only the sanskrit books it will take you a few lives as one life won't be enough.


  2. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I hope I have not offended you. Though hindi is not my mother tongue, I have soft spot for it. I know langauge is a sensitive issue.



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