Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

5:30 PM

This week, I give you my dog, in all her Labrador retriever glory. If you don't know what it means, this is the face she makes whenever someone is holding anything edible in their hands.
Labs are big dustbins on legs foodies. They will do anything for food and happily eat away their weight in one sitting if you let them do it (which you should not). Jasmine will just about follow me anywhere if I hold anything that came out of my oven. And she goes banana if I bake bread, she LOVES bread.

Hold some foo, and you will have her undivided attention. Which becomes very handy if you want her to look at the camera to take a picture.

This week was a week of solo parenting for me, DH was in Dubai for work. Which left me in charge of the gymnastics class trips AND the dog walking all before 9am. Sadly my maid refused to get the memo and decided that just because my husband was not there it meant she could come later than usual and make me run all morning long...not cool, not cool at all.
Speaking of cool, the weather is anything but. All of India is experiencing a massive heat wave. It is has reached devastating proportion inland from what I read.
And, it is not exactly nice on the coast either. I don't think the day temperatures are that much higher than usual at this time of the year, but the humidity has been unreasonably high all Summer long, this week we even stopped really getting an evening breeze and there is practically no difference between day and night temperatures, which is something new. All the other years we could count on a fresh sea breeze to bring us some sort of mild respite at sunset and that is no more.

As a result, I have spent all week actively avoiding outdoors as much as I could. Just sitting at home is draining enough and I have been dealing with headaches a bit too often in the last few days.

Wishing you all a nice weekend, if you are in Idnia, stay cool as much as possible.


  1. Awwww...Jasmine is saying 'Pretty please, Mom?' as Labs are also quite well mannered.
    My husband has taught our 3 kitties horrible table manners as he feeds them off his plate. Not only have they developed an unhealthy preference for 'people food' but we literally have to lock them out of the house when we host dinner parties. Not surprisingly guests are rather unappreciative of having cats sample their food, stroll leisurely across the tablecloth, or even sit next to them on a dining chair. I keep telling my husband he is teaching them bad habits but he will not listen.

    1. My cat can be a real pain in the kitchen. Because we have a dog who will eat just about anything, we had to put Mimi's bowl on the kitchen counter, out of reach from Jasmine. As a result, she now thinks quite logically that the kitchen counter is where the food will always be, and will come in your face when you try to cook something. Even if she will not even taste it, she will want to a if it and observe. She usually leave us alone at the dinning table though. My dog will beg on no end though.


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